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If you said you'd cancel Netflix before paying for account sharing, time is up

Sharing with someone outside of your household? That'll be $8 per month, please.

Published onMay 23, 2023

Netflix with popcorn stock photo 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • In the United States, Netflix account sharing will now cost $8 each month per extra user.
  • The charge kicks in if someone from outside your household uses your account.
  • If you’re traveling, you’ll need to verify account ownership.

Netflix started charging subscribers who share their accounts with non-subscribers earlier this year. However, those charges were for countries that weren’t the United States. Today, unfortunately, Netflix is rolling out this change to the US.

Starting now, Netflix account sharing in the US will cost you $8 each month for each additional user. If you have a Basic Netflix account, this will apply to all additional users. Standard and Premium subscribers, though, get one or two additional users, respectively, without an extra fee.

Netflix makes it clear that you’ll still be able to watch Netflix when you travel, whether on different Wi-Fi or even a different device, such as a hotel TV. You’ll need to verify account ownership when this happens, though, which will be an issue for anyone you’re sharing your password with right now.

The account owner can choose to pay for users that are already using their account. The users keep all their personal data, such as their watch history. If the account owner doesn’t want to pay, they can boot the additional users off, and they will then need to pay for their own accounts. Obviously, Netflix assumes that a certain percentage of these users who weren’t paying before will either pay their own way or the company will earn extra money from the primary account holder.

Of course, a certain number of these users will simply cancel Netflix altogether. In fact, some primary account holders will probably cancel on principle if our poll on the matter is any indication.

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