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Navy Battle 3D: Classic Battleship game, minus the pen and paper


Published onOctober 29, 2012

The Battleship game is a popular pencil-and-paper guessing game. It consists of two players, each one with her or his own paper game board.   The players arrange their ships, take turns in shooting the opponent’s ships until all opponent ships are destroyed.  The game was later on improved with pins, game board with holes, and real plastic battleships.  It’s a simple game, with simple rules, but with potential for hours of tactical fun.

The Google Play Store has an Android version inspired by the same game.  Developed by BitmapPiranha, the Navy Battle 3D game is a three-dimensional Battleship game for Android.

The game has 2 game modes: Solo Game and MultiplayerSolo Game will let you play the game against your Android phone. There will be a total of 9 stages to unlock. The level of difficulty will also increase as you unlock more stages.

The game can be played just like the usual Battleship game. You will be presented with a 9 x 9 grid. This will be your virtual game board where you will place your ships. Your ships will occupy squares depending on its size.

The aircraft carrier, for instance, can occupy 5 squares and the smallest ship will occupy one square. You will have 5 ships to place on your game board. Arrange your ships wisely so your opponent will have a hard time locating your ships. You can arrange your ships either vertically or horizontally. Once you have assembled your ships, it’s time for battle.

You will be able to view the enemy’s grid, but without the enemy ships. All you need to do is to select one grid and press Fire. You and your opponent will take turns shooting each other’s ships on the game board. You win the game if you destroy all the ships on the opposing game board. You can also use special bullets that allow you to simultaneously shoot 3 or 5 squares in one turn.

The game also lets you do battle with your friends. But, before you do that, you will need to unlock the Multiplayer mode by heading to the game’s shop. You can unlock it for a about a dollar from the Google Play Store. You and your friends will also need to be on the same wireless connection to be able to play in Multiplayer Mode. 

The app also has an in-game shop where you can purchase special ammunition and unlock Multplayer mode. I experienced some flaws while purchasing an item on the shop. When unlocking Multiplayer, it didn’t automatically appear in the game. I needed to close and relaunch the app in order to activate the newly purchased mode.

The same goes for the other items sold in the shop. As for the moment, the shop offers only limited items. It would be good to add additional items, such as letting the player use an additional turn or additional ammo with special patterns.  Moreover, I also encountered occasional app freezes while in the middle of gameplay, usually requiring me to force close the game and start over from scratch.

Navy Battle 3D is a decent battleship game on your Android device, 3D-wise. But, if you’re the player who has an eye for high definition graphics and realistic, hardcore 3D visuals, this game may make it to the bottom part of your favorite 3D games list.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty well-made game that allows you to enjoy Battleship minus the pen and paper.

Try the ad-free Navy Battle 3D game for free from the Google Play Store.

(banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Complot)

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