My Play Activity Web

Google has added in a new menu item to the Google Play Store web interface called My Play activity, which allows users to see all of their app reviews and +1s in a single location. Essentially offering the same as the recent activity feature that was added to the Android Play Store app a few months back.

Taking My Play activity for what it is now, it is great to have a curated list of our Android content rating activity, but that is all it is. There is no direct functionality to perform any action other than view the list and click through to the individual apps or media. With all of the social aspects and Google+ tie-ins available throughout the remainder of the Play Store, we wonder if My Play activity is destined to serve a greater social purpose – if nothing else, it might be nice to share and view others’ activity pages, like can be done on the mobile app.

My Play Activity Android

This feature may inadvertently serve a greater purpose to the ratings system in the Play Store than intended. Looking through your entire list of apps that you’ve rated or +1’d, many of us are likely to discover reviews and +1s for apps that we no longer use or have a different opinion of today. Taking the next step to update your review would result in an overall more accurate and relevant ratings system in the Play Store.

We’ve heard that the feature is still rolling out to users, if you do not yet have the “My Play activity” link in your left menu, following this link should get you going.

So, how about it, how many apps have you reviewed that you no longer use? Do you think Google will bring further Google+ social activity to this feature?

Jonathan Feist
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