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What’s the best time to buy an Android smartphone? Some say it’s right now. With phones like the S7 Edge, LG G5, and very soon the HTC 10, the only problem will be deciding which one’s the best. We’re here to help!

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10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P The best of Samsung vs. the best of Google – the choice is harder than ever, but we’re here to help you decide.

Opinion: Smartphones have gotten so good, it’s hard to really get excited anymore The Age of Smartphone Innovation is dead. At least that’s the feeling we’re getting when we see how similar phones have become and how even budget devices now offer a pretty great experience.

HTC will unveil its latest flagship on April 12th HTC wants another chance. If you think it deserves it, you are probably interested to see what the HTC 10 is all about.

It’s possible to use dual SIMs and a microSD card on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge… with a little work If you must have both dual-SIM and microSD, the Galaxy S7 Edge is no longer off the table. A little work is requred.

Why Android N freeform window mode isn’t worth the effort right now There’s a reason Google chose not to include freeform multiwindow in Android N – from our experience, it’s just not so good, at least for now.

Right on schedule, AMOLED displays are now cheaper to produce than LCD Price has always been the major factor holding back OLED adoption. Until now.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 So you want a Samsung flagship, but just can’t make up your mind between the S7 Edge and the Note 5. Here’s what you need to know.

Small talk: Is the iPhone SE a serious size option in 2016? It’s 2016 and Apple just released a new 4-inch smartphone. But is there room left for tiny screens in a phablet’s world?

Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks Maybe you’re not familiar with Samsung’s phones. Or maybe you want to know everything about your phone. Either way, don’t miss these tips and tricks.

SXSW 2016 through the eyes of LG G5 We visited the SWSW festival in Austin, Texas, and this is how we saw it through the two lenses of the LG G5!

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