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LG CEO unimpressed by the iPhone SE's “same old-technology and features”

LG CEO Cho Ju-no shrugs off the threat posed by the Apple iPhone SE, scorning the handset for using the "same-old technology".

Published onMarch 24, 2016

LG CEO Cho Ju-no

Apple’s newly released iPhone SE might be a little on the small size for some at just 4-inches, but the opportunity to hop into Apple’s premium brand at just a $399 price point is sure to tempt a number of consumers. LG, arguably one of the better value Android OEMs in previous generations, doesn’t appear worried or impressed by Apple’s latest offering though, suggesting that the iPhone SE is a rather mediocre handset.

[related_videos align=”right” type=”custom” videos=”681627,676936,675613,674813″]Speaking at an opening for a G5 and Friends hands-on experience event in Seoul, LG CEO Cho Ju-no fended off concerns that the iPhone SE may offer up serious competition for LG in the mid-range market. Talking more specifically about the new handset, the CEO noted that “rolling out a product with same-old technology and features is not LG’s way.”

Perhaps he has a point, as the iPhone SE is based on very familiar Apple hardware. On the other hand, the LG G5 and its modular design is a remarkably different handset to LG’s last generation smartphones and, along with its LG Friends add-ons, is probably the most innovative handset on the market right now. LG is also trying out some different features with dual camera and Always-On display technology with its mid-range X cam and X screen phones. Of course, differentiation is no guarantee that consumers will leap on board, but LG insists that it is focused on its own products and isn’t worried about its rivals.

“LG Electronics does not care seriously about rankings, at the moment, as we are focused on making sure the new device provides consumers a variety of options to have fun,” – LG CEO Cho Ju-no

That being said, LG appears to have caught wind of Apple’s and Samsung’s smartphone trade-in and upgrade programs, which are strong strategies for ensuring consumer loyalty and retention. LG says that it is in discussions to launch its own consumer care program, but no specific blueprints have been drawn up just yet.

While Apple and Samsung may be sticking close to tried and testing formulae so far this year, LG is clearly taking a very different approach with its new phones, having chosen instead to focus on creating new mobile experiences. Is this a strategy that appeals to you or is LG taking too much of a risk with the G5?

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