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No one wants to be stuck at home during this current coronavirus outbreak. However, if you are, you might as well make the most of it. There are lots of great streaming services you can sign up for right now. Combined, they offer tons of free movies and TV shows to binge-watch. Most services offer free trials but many of them just have brief seven or 14-day trials to watch them for free. The good news is that during this coronavirus crisis, many streaming services have launched special promotions that offer new subscribers 30-day free trials.

We decided to take a look at all the streaming services you can sign up for that have 30-day free trials. That way you get the most out of your dollar, while also streaming the heck out of your new favorite movie or TV series. This list will include services that already had 30-day free trials before the current crisis, as well as ones that have temporarily extended their trial offers. Keep in mind that all of these extended trial offers are for new subscribers only.

30-day free trials for streaming services

1. Netflix

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Netflix has always had a policy of offering 30-day free trials for all of its streaming plans. No matter which one you pick, you get 30 days to stream major original series like Stranger Things, Love is Blind or hit movies like Spencer Confidential and more.

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2. Hulu

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Disney-operated Hulu also has always offered 30-day free trials for new users. Again, it doesn’t matter if you pick its no-ads plan or its more expensive ad-free plan. You can stream original shows like The Handmaids Tale, or nearly all of the great TV shows from the FX network.

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3. Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime has a 30 day free trial for new users, and that includes access to its Amazon Prime Video service. You can binge-watch shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan and much more on the service.

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4. WWE Network

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Let’s get ready to rumble with this service’s 30-day free trial. You can watch tons of classic and current WWE wrestling programming, plus you can watch its latest major pay-per-view event for free as well.

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5. Shudder

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The horror-themed streaming network currently has a limited time special 30-day free trial offer. When you sign up for the service, type in the special promo code SHUTIN to receive 30 days for free instead of the regular seven days. You can stream lots of great classic and current horror and sci-fi themed content, plus original shows like the revived Creepshow anthology.

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6. Sundance Now

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The streaming service has a variety of dramas from around the world. For a limited time, when you sign up for the service, type in the special promo code SUNDANCENOW30 to receive 30 days for free instead of the regular seven days. Some of the shows and movies on the service include A Discovery of Witches, Riviera, and The Little Drummer Girl.

7. CBS All Access

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This streaming service, the home for the hit sci-fi series Star Trek: Picard, has joined the 30-day free trial trend. When you sign up, type in the special promo code GIFT to receive 30 days for free instead of the regular seven days. This will work with both the ad-based and the no-ad plan. Besides Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery, you can also stream shows like the revived Twilight Zone, The Good Fight, and more.

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8. Showtime


Access all of Showtime’s exclusive TV shows, plus its movie library, with this special 30-day free trial offer. No code is required for this offer; just sign up at the Showtime web site. You have until May 3 to take advantage of this deal. You can watch exclusive shows on the service like Homeland, Shameless, Billions and more.

9. Urban Movie Channel

umc 30 day free trial

The African-American themed streaming service currently has a 30-day free trial offer. When you sign up, type in the special promo code UMCFREE30 to receive 30 days for free instead of the regular seven days. While there are mostly older shows and movies on this service, there are original series as well, just as the romantic comedy series Stuck With You.

10. Acorn TV

acorn tv 30 day free trial

The streaming service dedicated to UK-based programming currently has a 30-day free trial promotion. To get the extended free trial, just type in the promo code FREE30 when you sign up. Acorn TV has tons of UK and Australian based dramas, mysteries and comedies. It also has exclusive shows like Manhunt, Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries and more.

11. Smithsonian Channel Plus

smithsonian channel 30 day free trial

The documentary and history streaming network has a 30-day free trial code for new users. Just type in the promo code ALONETOGETHER when you sign up for the service. Smithsonian Channel Plus includes tons of entertaining documentaries, including Mighty Trains, Epic Warrior Women and more.

12. YouTube Premium

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YouTube is not considered a traditional streaming service, but there’s no doubt that tons of people who are stuck at home are watching short and long-form video clips from tons of amateur and professional YouTube creators for free. However, if you want to get rid of those pesky banners and video ads, new subscribers can sign up for YouTube Premium. It’s 30-day free trial offers ad-free video viewing on the service. It also supports downloads of clips and listening to videos in the background while doing other things with your phone.

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