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Netflix is not the cheapest video streaming service out there, costing as much as $17.99 per month. Save money by ditching your Netflix subscription and watching free movies on YouTube instead. There are quite a few of them available, although most of them are a bit older.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best free movies on YouTube from different genres including comedy, action, and drama. But keep in mind that they are not available in every country. Like Netflix, YouTube has location restrictions set up, likely due to licensing rights. So if you can’t watch any of the movies on this list, you’ll need to connect to the internet via a VPN server located in the US.

The best free movies on YouTube:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best free movies on YouTube regularly.

1. 2036 Origin Unknown

This 2018 British science fiction film follows the story of mission controller Mackenzie Wilson, along with trusty artificial intelligence assistant ARTI. They end up discovering an odd object on Mars, only to see it moving over the speed of light in the direction of planet earth. This could change the future of the world, making this a suspenseful movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. Shaolin

If you want to get your blood pumping, this is the free YouTube movie to watch. Shaolin is a Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts film that’s set during the early years of the Chinese republic when warlords were fighting with each other to gain more power. The story revolves around a young army leader Hou Jie who, along with his sworn brother Huo Lung, defeats his rival named Huo Long and seizes control of the city of Dengfeng. There’s a lot more to the story of course, but we’ll let you watch it for yourself!

3. The Addams Family

The Addams Family is an all-time classic from 1991. The macabre, unique, and oddly funny family gets in the most interesting adventures. You’ll learn to love them, even if they’re not exactly nice all the time. One thing they are is rich, though. In this film we have a lawyer, a loan shark, and her son trying to take some of their riches by faking the return of a long-lost Addams family member. Anyways, chances are you already enjoyed this movie before, but it’s always worth a second watch!

4. 4 Minute Mile

This movie is all about perseverance and overcoming obstacles. It revolves around a teenager who is on the wrong side of the tracks, working for a drug dealer who is connected with his brother. However, the boy dreams of a better life for himself. He’s a runner, and after seeing his talent, a retired ex-track coach starts training him in some pretty harsh ways. His dream is to become even faster in hopes of gaining a college scholarship and getting out of the place he currently calls home.

5. The Terminator

The 1984 sci-fi action film may be a low-budget B-movie at heart, but its script makes rise up from the rest. In the “present day” of 1984, two warriors, who have time-traveled to Los Angeles from the year 2029, are battling each other. One is human and wants to save Sarah Conner, the mother of the future general destined to beat an AI army that has almost destroyed the entire human race. The other is a cyborg that looks human, but is unemotional, ruthless, and can withstand nearly any conventional weapon. He is the Terminator, and he wants to kill Sarah Conner, so the AI army can win in the future. It’s not only one of the best free YouTube movies but one of the best sci-fi films of all time.

6. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Beavis and Butt-Head are icons of raunchiness, swearing, and inappropriate behavior, so this animated movie is best suited for adults. It’s a fun movie if you can enjoy this type of comedy, though. The two embark on a trip across the USA after finding out their TV is gone. They run across some odd personalities along the way. And of course, they also get into plenty of trouble.

7. Khumba

Khumba takes you through a story of discrimination, self-acceptance, and personal growth. The half-striped zebra is seen as a curse and later blamed for a drought, and even the death of his mother. Knowing he can’t be accepted, he leaves the herd to explore the Great Karoo desert in search of a mythical water hole where it’s believed zebras got their stripes from. He finds some quirky friends along the way and they all join forces to take on a wild adventure.

8. Interview with the Vampire

This is possibly Anne Rice’s most renowned novel, all thanks to the popularity Interview with the Vampire managed to accumulate. And for good reason; this is an intriguing film that will suck your attention in. Vampire Lestat tells his story to a journalist, showing both the romantic and painful sides of a real-life vampire’s story. There’s more than blood-sucking and eternal life, and it humanizes these beings that have otherwise always been feared.

9. The Escort

This movie is fun, romantic, and a bit kinky. It’s about a sex-addicted journalist that meets a high-class Stanford-educated escort. After losing his job at a newspaper, he convinces the escort to write a story about her that would likely land him a job at a great magazine. In return, he acts as her bodyguard. There’s much more to the story, of course, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. If you like romance, this YouTube movie is a must-watch.

10. Stolen

If you love action-packed movies, this is the one to watch. In a robbery gone bad, Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) gets arrested by the FBI and is sent to jail. After being released, he is contacted by the person who took part in the robbery. The man is convinced Will hid the stolen money before he was captured. In an attempt to get the money from Will, he decides to kidnap his daughter to gain leverage. A great story and superb acting make this one of the best free YouTube movies you can watch.

These are the best free movies on YouTube in our opinion, although there are plenty of other great ones available as well. You can check out more of them by visiting the “YouTube Movies” channel on the platform via the button below.