Motorola Moto Z4 in repose

Some Motorola fans were disappointed by the decidedly mid-range offering that is the Motorola Moto Z4. However, hope was likely held that the company could offer a Motorola Moto Z4 Force or other more high-end Z line device this year.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely. On the official Motorola Twitter, a company rep responded to a question from another Twitter user that pretty much eliminates any chance of another Z line device landing in 2019:

This might come as bad news to some Motorola fans, as a high-end Motorola Moto Z4 Force might have been a cool addition to the flagship landscape this year.

However, just because Motorola isn’t launching more Z line devices in 2019 doesn’t mean there aren’t any other surprises in store. The company could launch a new line for the summer or fall, for example. There could also be some new Moto Mods in the pipeline. Who knows?

It would certainly be strange, though, for Motorola to go the entire year without launching a device carrying the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Granted, the premium flagship market is tough at the moment, with many OEMs duking it out and prices creeping ever-closer to a four-digit baseline. It could be Motorola’s plan is to stay out of the flagship space altogether and see how that fares for the company.

What do you think? Are you disappointed no Motorola Moto Z4 Force is on the way? Would you buy a premium flagship from Motorola if it were to be released? Let us know in the comments.

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