When the Motorola Moto G first arrived in 2013, there were few phones like it. It was affordable, but had reasonably powerful specs, something few other budget phones could match. Now the Lenovo-owned brand is back with a refreshed G series. These four affordable phones include many of the core Motorola features we’ve come to love, like an ambient display and easy-to-master hand gestures.

The new family consists of the G7 Play, the G7 Power, G7 Plus, and the G7. The four share many features, but each targets a slightly different market segment, based on screen size, camera capabilities, battery life, and, of course, price.

Here’s what you need to know.

Moto G7 release date

The Moto G7, G7 Power, G7 Plus, and G7 Play will be sold all over the world.

Brazil and Mexico will get all four phones first — today, in fact. Europe will get them next, though nothing concrete has been revealed just yet beyond “mid-February.”

Moto also plans to sell the phones in the U.S., Australia, India, Asia Pacific, and throughout much of Latin America. Specific release dates in these markets are unknown, other than we can expect them sometime in the spring.

Moto G7 series

Moto G7 price and availability — U.S.

The Moto G7 family will set you back between $199 and $299 in the U.S. Unfortunately, the Moto G7 Plus won’t available here.

  • Moto G7 Play — $199
  • Moto G7 Power — $249
  • Moto G7 — $299

You’ll be able to get the Moto G7 unlocked at Best Buy, B&H Photo, Walmart, and Amazon. It will also reach several prepaid carriers including Google Fi, Republic Wireless, and Ting.


The Moto G7 Power will be sold by TMobile, Metro by TMobile, Verizon Wireless, Cricket Wireless (as the Moto G7 Supra), Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless, Ting, and Xfinity Mobile. Shortly after it hits carriers, the G7 Power will go on sale unlocked through Best Buy, B&H Photo, Walmart, and Amazon.

The G7 Play will be sold by Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Republic Wireless, and Ting. Like the others, it will be sold unlocked by Best Buy, B&H Photo, Walmart, and Amazon. Exact timing on all these releases will depend on the carrier and retailer in question.

Moto G7 price and availability — Global

Aside from Brazil and Mexico, we don’t have any firm details on when or where the Moto G7 series will arrive to the rest of the globe. Pricing also remains mostly unknown outside the U.S., though the Moto G7 Plus will start at 299.99 euros (~$341).

We’ll be sure to update this post as we learn more about the exact Moto G7 pricing and availability for each region.

What do you think, are you interested in ordering the Motorola Moto G7, Moto G7 Power, or Moto G7 Play? Let us know!

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