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The best Motorola Razr Plus cases

Keep your Motorola Razr Plus safe and looking great.

Published onJanuary 1, 2024

motorola razr plus cover screen in hand home viva magenta
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Motorola Razr Plus is a great device. It is easily one of the best foldable phones, featuring a large cover display, a great flip design, and an overall awesome experience. One thing is for sure, though: the device isn’t very resistant. It only has an IP52 rating, and its foldable nature makes it more prone to damage. You’ll want to protect it. Let’s talk about the best Motorola Razr Plus cases.

The best Motorola Razr Plus cases

Having moving parts makes it harder to find the proper case, but we’ve tested many brands and done extensive research. Here are our top picks.

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this list of the best Motorola Razr Plus cases.

Motorola Clear Case

Motorola Clear Case for Razr Plus

Some prefer getting accessories straight from the same phone manufacturer. Lucky for you, Motorola creates its own cases, and the official Motorola Razr Plus case is actually pretty nice. It is clear and thin, so you can continue enjoying the natural look of the device, which is a really aesthetically pleasing one.

If you want to match your device color with the case, you can pick between three colors for the case trim. These are the same colors as the ones in which the Razr Plus is available: Infinite Black, Glacier Blue, and Viva Magenta. It’s compatible with wireless charging, too. If all of this sounds expensive, it kind of is. The case costs $50. It’s a great case, though.

ZAGG Bridgetown

ZAGG Bridgetown case for Motorola Razr Plus

If you’re not going to get an official Motorola case, but want something Motorola recommends, this is another excellent option. It’s also the most expensive Motorola Razr Plus case on this list. It costs $55. That said, it is an excellent case if you want to protect your device more.

This case is made with D3O Bio, a plant-based material that is soft, but hardens on impact. It’s said to be made to handle 10-foot drops, which is outstanding, especially for a case made for a foldable phone. It’s still relatively thin for a case with this much protection, and it even has an antimicrobial treatment.

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit for Motorola Razr Plus

Spigen is one of the most popular case brands, and this minimalist option is one of the best Motorola Razr Plus cases. Its thin and clean design will fit the device like a glove. It also features a matte finish that is meant to reduce slips.

This case has a hybrid construction that uses both PC and TPU. This will protect the case against scratches, all while also keeping a shock-resistant build. It’s not exactly cheap at $30, but the price beats the two options above, and it also comes from a renowned brand.

Nakedcellphone Case with Clip

Nakedcellphone Case with Clip for Motorola RAZR Plus

Are you a fan of clip holsters? They seem to be making a comeback with foldable flip phones. Check out the Nakedcellphone Case with Clip. It offers a thin case with a grid texture for improved handling. Additionally, you will get a holster, which can hold your device both facing in and out.

The holster clip can rotate, and the manufacturer claims full wireless charging support. And if you care for customization, it comes available in eight colors. The Nakedcellphone Case with Clip costs $25.

Haeuorey Case

Haeuorey for Motorola Razr Plus 2023 Case

Those looking for something with a bit more design flair will likely prefer something like the Haeuorey Case. It looks really nice, featuring a back with carbon fiber and leather accents, along with a bright red line dividing them.

Looks alone don’t make this one of the best Motorola Razr Plus cases, though. It is also very resistant. It’s been tested to survive over 3,800 drops at heights of 6.8ft. The manufacturer also claims it is wireless charging-compatible. As if all those features weren’t enough, the case is also very affordable at just $11 and some change.

Poetic Spartan Case

Poetic Spartan Case for Motorola Moto Razr Plus

There aren’t many “rugged” cases for this device. The moving parts make it harder to make something too resistant. With that in mind, it was easy for us to decide which was the best Motorola Razr Plus case for those who want next-level protection. The Poetic Spartan Case is $35, and it is our favorite rugged case for this handset.

For starters, it looks very cool and comes from a brand with an excellent reputation. The case has undergone military-grade drop testing. It is shockproof, drop-proof, impact-resistant, and scratch-proof. It even comes with a built-in kickstand. Surprisingly enough, it still supports wireless charging!


No. While some manufacturers do include a case with their smartphones, this is not the case with Motorola Razr Plus.

Some Motorola Razr Plus cases do work with wireless charging. Especially the thin ones. Wireless charging can stop working when using thicker cases made with certain materials, though. It’s best to check the product descriptions, read reviews, or contact the case manufacturer to make sure. If you need a wireless charger, here’s our list of the best wireless chargers.

The Motorola Razr Plus has an IP52 rating. This means it has very minimal water protection. Basically, it can handle light water sprays at up to 15 degrees from the vertical. We would not risk it too much, if at all. If you really want to get it wet, we would recommend looking into our list of the best waterproof pouches.