A screenshot of the mobile version of Monster Hunter Stories.


The original Monster Hunter Stories was a bit divisive when it first came out for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016 (2017 outside of Japan). The game deviated a lot from the previous installments in the Monster Hunter series by primarily being an RPG-style adventure.

However, despite its deviation from the main series’ gameplay, Monster Hunter Stories is a much-loved title, most likely because of its uniqueness. Now, Monster Hunter Stories is available on Android for the first time ever in a faithful port of the 3DS version.

As in the 3DS game, in Monster Hunter Stories for Android you control a Rider making his way through an adventure, meeting and befriending monsters along the way. You engage in turn-based battles with enemies and can use your companion monster steed to attack, as well as weapons you yourself wield.

The whole game feels like a mashup between obvious-predecessor Pokémon, adventure game rubric The Legend of Zelda, and various JRPGs.

If you’d like to give Monster Hunter Stories a shot, there’s a free version of the game that gets you started on the adventure. However, the game will end after a bit and you’ll need to buy the paid version to continue — don’t worry, you can migrate your progress from the free version to the paid version.

The paid version is a one-time fee of $20, but features no ads and — best of all — no microtransactions. Buy it once, and it’s yours.

Click below to play Monster Hunter Stories!

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