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Minit tips, tricks, and coin locations: One minute to win it!

Minit is a quirky indie game that's finally made its way onto Google Play. Here are our tips and trick on how to win it in a minute!

Published onJune 30, 2019

Got a minute? Then you should check out Minit — a quirky puzzle adventure game that is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Published by Devolver Digital, this top down Zelda-inspired indie hit was first released for PC and Xbox One and has been nominated for multiple awards since. Its minimalist 8-bit art style and innovative mechanics will quickly draw you in and challenge you. Minit doesn’t hold your hand or explain too much — you have to figure it out on your own. But as usual we are here to help! Without spoiling too much or giving you a full walkthrough, here are our Minit tips and tricks!

Minit tips: The basics

As you might have suspected from the name Minit, the game is played in 60-second intervals. This imbues Minit with a sense of urgency at first, but any progress you’ve made — puzzles solved or items collected, will remain as such. This gives you some time to explore your surroundings without rushing too much, especially in your initial playthrough. The only exception are enemies, which will respawn every cycle.

Minit gameplay Android

Dying itself is a mechanic, however. If you don’t have time to go to your next location after finding an important item, you can press the reset button. You will then respawn at your house. There are three other checkpoints or houses you will find along your way, which will make navigating the map easier, but we won’t reveal their locations! Trail and error is the name of the game, which is fitting — it harkens to the days of NES and Gameboy games, just like the pixelated aesthetic of Minit.

Trial and error is the name of the game!

In terms of combat, the game is pretty standard — you start with two hearts and each hit will cost you one. Don’t slash at residents though! They will remember your misdeeds.

Where to find key items in Minit

The joy of Minit is discovering the secrets of the world yourself. This is why we will only point you to the first key items that will get you started on your journey without giving away too much.

Cursed sword

As we previously mentioned, the whole adventure begins with finding the sword. To do so, exit your house and head south. You will stumble upon two crabs. Carefully avoid them and continue west. You will see the sword next to a riverbank. Picking it up will start the sixty second timer. Of course, it can also be used as a weapon and to cut down bushes that are in your way.

Minit cursed sword location


How do you move boxes? All you need is some coffee apparently. To get this reward, return to the crabs and defeat them with your newly acquired sword. Cut down the bushes west of your house and walk though. There you’ll find a bar with residents complaining about the all the crabs infesting the place. Head north from the bar, where you will encounter three more of them. Kill these crabs too and return to the bar for your reward! Make sure you’ve killed all five in the same cycle, otherwise you will not receive the coffee. Enemies respawn!

Minit coffee

Lighthouse key

Got that sweet coffee? Now it’s time to acquire the lighthouse key. From the bar, head back north to where you killed the last three crabs, then go east. You will be able to see the key in a cavern. Move the boxes with your newly acquired caffeine powers and cut the bushes down to grab it!

Minit watering can next to base
The watering can will appear to the left of your house.

From there, you need to find the lighthouse and piece the rest of the puzzles on your own! We do have one last tip though: most items will stay in your inventory between cycles. The only exception is the Watering can which will appear next to your spawn location. If you want to carry it around, you will have to swap your sword for it.

Coin locations

Got the puzzles all figured out already? If you are completionist or a treasure hoarder, it’s time to grab the collectibles for some sweet achievements. We don’t recommend going on this treasure hunt on your first or even second run, however. You need a good knowledge of the map, as well as item locations.

Here are all 19 Minit coin locations:

  • Coin 1 — Found in the house you first spawn in. Just break the pot after acquiring the sword.
  • Coin 2 — Go into the snake pit, then find the illusory wall at the top left of the maze. Walk through it and keep going left until you see another room with a chest and snake inside. Move up and down until you can walk into the room. Kill the snake and grab your coin!
  • Coin 3 — Hidden beneath the desert quicksand. You will recognize the area thanks to the slowing effect it has on your walking speed. Let yourself sink. Once you fall through you, head down to find the chest that contains the coin. The area is littered with scorpions, so be careful!
  • Coin 4 — Inside the big dumpster near the Sneaker Hut. We are not sure why someone would throw out a valuable item there, but just hit the dumpster with your sword and the coin will fall out.
  • Coin 5 — The Sneaker Hut is full of secrets! Find and hit the cracked wall near it and follow the secret tunnel. You will have to move some boxes and break some pots, which will clear the way to a chest containing the coin.
Minit Sneaker Hut
Don’t read the signs? This is the Sneaker Hut.
  • Coin 6 — North of the Sneaker Hut, you will find a sign that points you to east towards the Desert Ruins. Keep heading east until you stumble upon a broken truck. There will be another chest surrounded by scorpions with a coin inside!
  • Coin 7 — You will need the Watering can for this coin, so make sure you have it equipped. Go to the Secret Temple and use it on the fire blocking the entrance to the eastern tunnel. Once you walk in, you will find yourself in a room that’s ablaze and full of unfriendly bats. Scurry across, watering the fire to make your way through. Make sure you don’t take any damage! Once you pass through the deadly area, head north. The corridor will lead you to the chest containing the coin.
  • Coin 8 — On the northeast side of the Hotel, walk around and press down until you enter a room. Push the box out of the way to get to the pot. Break it and you will find your next coin inside.
  • Coin 9 — This one is a bit trickier and crueler than most. North of the Hotel kill the leafy-haired bandits three times in a row. You will hear a musical cue each time you do this. After you’ve cleared them the third time, kill the hotel guest that was being attacked. He will drop the coin.
Minit land loving fish
  • Coin 10 — This coin is located near the land-loving fish next to the bar. Swim to the area northwest of him and just follow the path to find the chest containing the coin.
  • Coin 11 —  To the right of the bar, break the suspicious pot placed near a stone wall by hitting it three times with your sword. It will reveal a staircase. Go down. You will find yourself in a maze full of bats. Kill them without taking damage to open the door leading you to the next area. You will hear a sound when it opens. Go north, then down the waterfall to find your chest and coin.
  • Coin 12 — Do the exact same things you did to find the previous coin, but instead of going down the waterfall, exit through the staircase above it. You will find yourself on an island with a chest. To no one’s surprise, there is a coin inside.
  • Coin 13 — From the lighthouse bridge, head into the water past the big rock, heading west, then south. You will discover an island with a palm tree and a treasure chest. You know the drill.
Minit lighthouse
Don’t stop for a chat when looking for coins!
  • Coin 14 — Flippers get you all the treasure! With their help, travel up the waterfall to the right of your first spawn house. You will find a secret cave containing a treasure chest with a coin inside.
  • Coin 15 — Sometimes you need to complain to get that coin! Go to the Sword Factory then head south to a room full of characters. Stand in line and wait until a pot near you combusts and reveals the next coin.
  • Coin 16 — Since you are near the Sword Factory already, head to the parking lot behind the warehouse. There should be two trucks there. Walk into the bigger one to find your coin.
  • Coin 17 — You will need the Grinder item for this treasure. Head inside the mines under the factory and go east. You will find a character who says he’s striking. Next to him is a lantern and a box. Break the lantern then push the box out of the way and go south. Move along the conveyor belts to a small area with a treasure chest and a talking tree.
Minit finding a coin
The order in which you find the coins doesn’t matter.
  • Coin 18 — In the southern part of the sword factory, you will find a large drill held in place by two robotic arms. Hit them with your sword and let the drill wreak havoc. This will open up a shortcut to the desert, but there’s also a coin hidden in the wall.
  • Coin 19 — We’ve saved the worst for last! For this coin you must start in every checkpoint or house, run to the Secret Temple, head north, slash the bushes away and die in the room with the skull door until it opens. All that’s left to do after is follow the corridor to find your coin in a treasure chest. It’s a lengthy process, but hey – it’s still easier than getting the Stanley Parable Go Outside achievement (without cheating)!
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That’s it for our Minit tips and tricks. We hope we helped you on your journey! Where you able to find each of the coin locations? Let us know in the comments.

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