Mojang has rolled out phase two of its ocean-themed Minecraft upgrade: Update Aquatic. Mojang announced the update on its official Minecraft website earlier this week, along with the new trailer above, stating it’s now landing on multiple platforms.

Phase two of the update builds on the features seen in the first aquatic update, launched in May, adding new objects and creatures. In the latest patch, you’ll find sea turtles (with sea turtle eggs to protect), nautilus shells, a “Potion of the Turtle Master,” and a new enemy type: The Drowned. The latter is a group of underwater zombies that hide in dark places and crawl ashore at night.

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Underwater Conduits and upwards and downwards flowing Bubble columns have also been added, as well as some new achievements to unlock, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Further, Mojang has rolled out a slew of changes to existing elements, like improving how swimming handles at the water’s surface, letting players enchant Tridents with Mending and Unbreaking, and allowing them to ride Skeleton Horses underwater (yay).

This phase two release isn’t quite as significant as phase one, which completely overhauled the Minecraft oceans with new underwater physics, making it possible to swim with sharks and explore shipwrecks. Still, the recent water features make for an interesting addition to the already huge Minecraft package. Those who’ve recently tried their hands at underwater survival sim Subnautica should find much to enjoy here too.

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