Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

While many of us may be innately proficient in apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, these happen to be pretty complex programs. The truth is we often find ourselves wondering how to find certain tools or perform specific actions. Remember people actually take full courses just to learn how to use these specific applications.

For the rest of us, Google is our best friend in those instances, but it’s also true Microsoft should have an internal tool for helping you use Office. Such implementation has just been introduced to Android apps Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They call it ‘Tell Me’, and it can be accessed by tapping on the light bulb icon. Once the text box is available, simply start typing what you want to find and you should get the necessary help in a jiffy.

Microsoft continues sneaking its way into Android

The light bulb icon is found by tapping on the “A” and pencil icon on the top of the interface, then selecting the light bulb. The process is a bit easier for tablet users, who have more space to play with. Tab owners can simply find the light bulb icon on the top-right corner.

But that is not all the latest updates to these applications bring to the table. Word is also gaining the ability to merge and split cells. Meanwhile, Excel gets improved auto-complete, as well as the ability to expand or collapse grouped rows and columns. PowerPoint seems to be the only one getting no features, aside from Tell Me.

Tell Me is a very welcomed addition considering the popularity of these apps, as well as the fact that they are popular for being more complex and full. Keeping track of all these features can be challenging even to experts. Would you agree it’s a refreshing addition? Hit the comments to tell us if this is something you were hoping for.