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MessagEase Keyboard: Optimized keyboard layout for faster typing


Published onApril 13, 2012

Do you have very big fingers? Many users have problems typing on their mobile phones because they have big fingers, which in turn causes inaccurate typing because the letters on the onscreen keyboard are so small.

Because of this, many users have a hard time in composing messages and consume a significant amount of time just to type several words. To solve this problem there is now a new type of onscreen keyboard called MessagEase Keyboard which is developed to optimize the number of words that a person can type. The keys of the keyboard are larger than that of a usual QWERTY keyboard, which makes typing easier.

As described by its developers, MessagEase is a smart, fast, and accurate way to enter full text on your Android device.  It is also claimed to be the world’s fastest touchscreen keyboard. This claim seems very justifiable because based on user reviews of the app, many users actually like it. Some like it because it helps reduce mistakes when typing.  Though, it does take some getting used to, especially if your QWERTY habits are deeply ingrained in your fingertips.

How It Works

The aim of this app is really to make typing faster and to reduce mistakes when typing words. The keyboard has nine keys that represent several letters.  Because of such compression, there are fewer but larger keys. As a result, mistakes are minimized because you don’t accidentally tap other keys beside the key that you want to tap, which is what usually happens when you use a QWERTY keyboard.

This keyboard resembles the old-school keypads of the first Nokia phones, but what makes MessagEase Keyboard even better is that each of the nine keys represent the most frequently used letters: A, N, I, H, O, R, T, E, and S.  Tapping on the key will input the main character that it represents.

The nine main keys also represent the less frequently used letters.  To input such letters, you simply slide your finger in the direction of the minor letter–either towards the center key (“O”) or away from the center key.

So, for instance, to input the letter V, slide from the A key towards the O key.  To input the letter M, slide away from the R key towards the O key.  To input the letter P, slide away from the O key towards the I key.  And so on.

MessagEase Keyboard also has a word prediction feature so that you don’t have to type all the letters of a word.

The latest version of the app has new features such as improved gesture recognition, expanded word list, enhanced text entry prediction, word prediction, and even voice-enabled speech input via Google Voice integration.  You can also change the shape, size, and color of the keys, as well as the default language.

MessagEase Keyboard is absolutely free in the Google Play Store. Download it now and try a new way of typing your text on your Android phone.

Have you tried the odd layout of MessagEase Keyboard?  Does it live up to its promise of faster and easier typing?

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