Chrome Beta AA

Am I the only one that was annoyed by tabs getting their own window in the Recent Apps menu, starting with Lollipop? Clearly not, as we have heard plenty of you complaining about it. Not only that, but many of us actually turned this “feature” off (thankfully, Google allowed us to).

Finding your pages became a nightmare. And though Google claimed it would keep things more organized, it actually seemed to make them more confusing. But don’t worry, the Search Giant has been phasing out this option. They started by turning the Merge Tabs setting off by default. Then they finally took Merge Tabs off the Chrome Dev channel.


Today we see Google moving forward with their decision as Chrome Beta gets updated to version 51. Yes, the feature is gone from the Beta channel, too. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before we see it being completely killed off in the stable channel, as well. It’s off the settings and everything. You can’t even turn it on manually anymore.

Will you be missing the Merge Tabs & Apps option? I sure won’t, but maybe some of you liked having every single tab show up separately in your Recent Apps… for some reason. Hit the comments to let us know if it was something you were into!