Google Chrome Dev AA

Likely one of the least-used features built into Chrome on Android is the ability to merge open tabs and applications in the recent apps menu. In theory it sounds like a multi-tasker’s dream, but in reality it clutters up the multitasking menu and makes it quite difficult to find what you’re looking for. A few weeks ago Google must have noticed this feature was going unused, as newer versions of Chrome began automatically disabling the option by default. Now it looks like the company is taking the phase out process one step further.

In the latest version of Chrome Dev for Android (v51.0.2700.2), the option to merge tabs and apps is completely gone.

We should be clear on something. Among many other uses, Chrome Dev is used so developers can preview new features that will likely make their way to more stable versions of Chrome for Android. These new features don’t always make the cut to the stable versions, but a lot of the time they do. And given the news that Google stopped merging tabs by default in Chrome a few weeks ago, that’s probably a good sign that we’re seeing the feature being phased out.

What do you think? Are you happy Google is moving away from this feature, or are you sad to see the option leave? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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