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How to manage or turn off Facebook notifications

You don't need to be pinged about every occurrence on the Zuck app.

Published onFebruary 27, 2024

Facebook notifications can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you obviously want to keep on top of the conversations you are participating in, but on the other hand, too many notifications can be annoying, like if someone keeps poking you. This is why you should constantly manage and even turn off Facebook notifications in some instances so you don’t have to continually delete them. Here’s the complete step-by-step process for managing notifications on Facebook desktop, the mobile app, and Facebook Messenger.


To manage and/or turn off Facebook notifications on desktop, go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Notifications. You will find an extensive list of all the things that Facebook notifies you about. You can choose how to receive the notification, or you can turn it off entirely.

On the Facebook app, tap the menu button at the top-right and go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Notifications > Notification Settings. You will find all the notifications there to be toggled on or off as you please.


How to manage and turn off Facebook notifications on the desktop site

  • Click your profile avatar at the top-right of the page.
  • In the menu that appears, go to Settings & privacy.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Then, select Notifications.

You will see a long list of Facebook notifications. Go down the list and pick how you want to get each notification. You can get a pop-up on Facebook, an email, a text message, or any mix of these. So, to stop all Facebook notifications, switch everything off.

For some things, like Reminders, there’s a special switch to turn them off. But, to be sure, just turn off every switch you see.

desktop Facebook menu settings notifications list
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How to manage and turn off Facebook notifications on the app

It is the same procedure on the app, but as always, it’s a case of figuring out where the settings have been hidden.

  • Tap the menu button or the hamburger icon at the top-right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select Settings & privacy.
  • Go to Settings.
  • In Preferences section, tap Notifications.
  • Go down through the notification list and enable or disable each one.

How to manage and turn off Facebook notifications on Messenger

This guide wouldn’t be complete without looking to see the best tips and tricks of Facebook Messenger. A lot of people get many notifications from Messenger because they chat a lot. So, here’s how to get fewer notifications without chatting less.

Mute the other person’s messages

If someone is talking too much to you, you can mute their messages for a certain length of time.

  • On the right-hand side of Messenger, click the Mute button.
  • Then decide how long the mute should last for. During that time, no chat windows will open, and you will receive no notifications.

General Messenger notification settings

  • If you want to change notifications for everyone, go to the menu of Messenger.
  • Tap on the setting icon.
  • Look at the Notifications & sounds option.
  • You can turn on/off notification for Communities and channels or Friends based on your needs.
  • You can also change your Notification preferences.
  • If you simply just want to mute notifications for all on Messenger. Switch the toggle beside Do Not Disturb.
  • Then, choose your option.
  • How to manage Message requests on Facebook

    If you often receive spam messages on Facebook, you can determine how to handle them here. Do you want them in your chat, sent to a separate Message Requests folder (where you won’t get a notification), or if you would prefer not to receive them at all? This is how you do it.

    • Click on your profile on Facebook, choose Settings & privacy.
    • Select Settings.
  •  Scroll down to How people find and contact you, you can now choose How you get message requests.

    Turn off notifications using your device’s settings

    Turn off notifications on iOS

    • Go to your phone settings.
    • Navigate to the search bar.
    • Type the name of the app whose notifications you want to turn off, in this case, Facebook.
    • Then, tap on the app that appears below.
    • In the app settings, select Notifications.
    • You can turn off any options you prefer, or turn them all off.

    Turn off notifications on Android

    • Go to your phone settings.
    • Look for Apps or Application settings (the exact name might vary depending on your phone).
    • Scroll down to find the app for which you want to turn off notifications, and then tap on it.
    • Select App notifications or a similar option.
    • Either toggle off all notifications or select the specific ones you’d like to turn off.


    Push notifications are the ones you get when you are on the Facebook site. They appear in the top-right of the screen, as well as in the Notifications menu. On the app, they would appear on your phone screen and can be controlled via the notifications settings on your phone.

    If you comment on a Facebook post, you will be notified when someone directly replies to you. You will also be notified if someone posts on Facebook and tags you. Finally, Facebook may occasionally highlight posts by friends that it thinks you may be interested in.

    Go to the notification settings on either the desktop site or the mobile app, and see if you haven’t accidentally disabled something. Or check the Facebook settings in the notifications settings of your phone and ensure they are still on.

    It could be your settings are too broad, you’ve interacted with specific content recently, or apps are sending them. Head to Settings > Notifications on Facebook to customize what you receive and control the flow. You can also mute specific posts or groups and adjust notification settings on your devices. Take charge and personalize your Facebook experience!

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