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You told us: Most of you don't use MagSafe, but it still has plenty of fans

Will this change if Android OEMs adopt a MagSafe-like solution?

Published onDecember 15, 2021

Anker MagGo 610 phone grip on Pixel 6 Pro with Moment (M) Force case, MagGo 622 power bank propping up iPhone 12 Pro Max with yellow MagSafe case

Apple’s iPhone 12 range offered a rather interesting feature dubbed MagSafe last year, featuring a set of magnets on the back of the phones for use with accessories like chargers, cases, and more.

The feature surfaced again with the iPhone 13 series, while Android case makers have created phone cases so Android devices can use MagSafe accessories too. Are readers using MagSafe though? We asked this question in a recent opinion piece on the tech, and here’s what you said.

Are you using any MagSafe accessories?


The poll was posted inside our article on Sunday, December 12, garnering a pretty respectable 2,200 votes to date. The result? Well, it turns out that almost half of all respondents (47.9%) say they have an Android phone and don’t use MagSafe accessories. This represents the biggest single pick of the lot.

It’s no real surprise to see most Android-toting users aren’t using MagSafe peripherals, as the tech isn’t built into Android phones (forcing you to buy a third-party case).

The second-most popular option was “I have an iPhone, yes,” earning almost 24% of the vote. This makes sense given that we’re on our second generation of iPhones natively supporting the tech and there’s a rich ecosystem of compatible accessories.

Nevertheless, ~15% of voters say they have an iPhone and still don’t use the tech. Presumably, these users are either happy with their existing accessories, don’t know or care about MagSafe, or have an older device that doesn’t support it.

Finally, almost 13% of respondents say they have an Android phone and use MagSafe accessories. Companies like Moment indeed offer cases that enable MagSafe on devices like the Pixel 6 series and Galaxy S21 range. And with use-cases beyond wireless charging, such as tripod mounting, PopSockets, and more, we can see why Android users might want to get in on the action.

When we look at it another way, almost two-thirds of polled readers say they don’t use MagSafe on Apple or Android devices. But just over a third of respondents said they used the tech on their iPhone or Android phone.


  • Albin: Maybe missing it, but haven’t seen any MagSafe that compares with the range of Moto Mods for the (now discontinued) Moto Z series. My 3000mAh Mophie battery snaps on instantly and doubles the 3000mAh built-in, and if Moto would have committed to the line of phones I would get some others.
  • Cody and William Murphy: It was the first time wireless charging made sense to me was with magsafe. Why buy a clunkier charger thats harder to use when the Port is simpler. I know this is a harbinger of the portless phone (shudder) but it was the step wireless charging needed to take to make sense as a standard. Otherwise my aluminum iPhone SE was perfect.
  • Paul Amarok: Yes I am still waiting for my P6P Moment Case to ship. I pre-ordered prior to release and now they say it won’t be available until January. I have wireless chargers all setup for my work iPhone and now Pixel 6 Pro. Currently using Ghosteks Slide off wallet in the meantime. Android case makers please do like Moment and offer something similar!
  • Skifarterking: I would like to use it for the accessories but not for charging. Wireless is too slow and not energy efficient.
  • maybeSid: One problem most people have with MagSafe is that it is an Apple standard and most Android users I have seen, do not prefer what Apple makes! Being both an iPhone and Android user, I would love to have magsafe support on both my devices, and more accessories like magsafe charger pop up to ease the alignment issues that plague wireless chargers…

Thanks for voting in our poll and for leaving a comment. Would you like to see Android phones natively support MagSafe in the future? Give us your thoughts below.