24 7 customer care

While introducing the new Pixel smartphones at their October 4th event, Google introduced a new customer support tool exclusive to ‘Google phone’ owners – 24/7 customer support.

Sabrina Ellis of the Pixel software team took the stage to tell us about a few new features of the two sizes of Pixel phones, running Android Nougat, talking about auto updates and battery life, live customer care will be exclusive to Pixel owners with, as mentioned, 24/7 customer support right from the phone.

Available as Phone or Chat support, Google took a page out of Amazon’s play book, there is a screen share function as well, allowing the support tech to view your screen to help solve your problems. In addition, we’re waiting on the new website self support pages to pop up, but for all you Nexus users out there, head over to Nexus Help Center to solve some of your more basic how-to questions.

Simple and easy customer support is not new for Google, Project Fi users have enjoyed rapid access to support personnel from within the app on the phone as well. We’re happy to see this level of support rolling out to more Google users.

For those following along the event, the next tool was a built-in transfer tool from iOS – shots fired!

Stay tuned for more Google launch event news, and be sure that we’ll put this feature to good use and let you know how it goes.