Link Bubble Nexus 6P Android Authority

Have you tried Link Bubble? It is definitely one of the most interesting browsers you will find in the Google Play Store. It’s hard to explain how the mechanics work, but I like to compare it to Facebook Messenger chat heads. Your browser pages will be accessible via a floating bubble that expands into a page, allowing you to multi-task freely while you wait for pages to load.

It’s a great browser and I happen to use it on the daily, but it is also not as complex as Chrome or Firefox. Things continue to improve, though, and the latest update brings a couple improvements we know many of you will love.

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For starters, Ad Block has been introduced and can be turned on from the Settings menu. This will help you save data and avoid looking at those pesky ads all the time. In addition, users can turn on tracking protection, which will keep your browsing safe and away from preying eyes.

Link Bubble AA

Other additions include HTTPS Everywhere and your usual batch of bug fixes. The update’s version number is 1.8.1 and is now available from the Google Play Store, so just head over there and download the newest update. It’s free now, so there is no reason not to at least check it out. Also, please do hit the comments to let us know how well these features work!

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