In one of those lovely social media kerfuffles we all love so much, LG USA has trolled Samsung Mobile for ditching removable batteries in the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Samsung tweeted to advertise the fact that you can charge the S6 Edge+ battery from zero to full in just 90 minutes. LG replied with the clever rebuttal that the LG V10 can go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery.

This is great for several reasons. One, it keeps us giggling like schoolgirls. Two, it implies LG plans to stick with removable batteries for the near future. Three, LG kinda stole the idea of removable batteries and microSD cards from Samsung in the first place. Of course, rumors have it that the Galaxy S7 will get a microSD card slot back and Samsung’s battery improvements since the Galaxy S6 mean that removable batteries are kind of obsolete. But we still love a sick burn when we see one.

LG USA Mobile Twitter@SamsungMobile (Twitter)

Whether or not removable batteries are necessary anymore is a question up for constant debate. Fast charging has, for many flagships, replaced the need for a replaceable battery. While a user-switchable battery is definitely convenient for power users, it is a feature not made use of by many, and including it makes a device thicker than it would be with a non-removable battery. So whether LG is poking fun at the future or Samsung made a wrong move, it’s little scraps like this that keep the OEM game fun.

Are you a fan of removable batteries? Or do you prefer fast charging?

Kris Carlon
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