While we still have a few more hours until 2016 reaches its end, LG has decided to go ahead and post the patch numbers on Google’s January 2017 security updates for Android. LG’s website also has information on some patches that are specifically for the company’s handsets.

The website says there will be a total of 73 security patches on the Android side in January, with seven of those updates labeled as “critical”. In addition there will be eight more updates that are just for LG’s smartphones like the LG V20. While there’s no specific info for the Google security updates, other than their identification numbers, there are more details on the eight LG patches. One of them is labeled as “critical” and specifically affects devices that use chips from MediaTek. LG says the patch is to get rid of the MTKLogger application which can log “personal information to storage without user consent” and  “can be started by third-party application without user consent.”

Google should start rolling out the Android January 2017 security updates sometime next week. The LG-specific patches will likely follow suit, although their release dates will be influenced by specific carriers who may wait to test the updates on their network.

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