Samusng Chromebook Pro rotating display

By some fortuitous incident, Samsung leaked details of the upcoming Chromebook Pro a few weeks ago. But the Korean tech giant was quick to realize its misstep and immediately took down the product page, much to our chagrin. Thanks to ChromeUnboxed, we now have a new glimpse of all the information about the convertible again.

ChromeUnboxed managed to reconstruct the lost landing page unofficially, confirming the key features of the Samsung Chromebook Pro. As we already know, the transformer laptop is 12.9mm thick when closed and the device weighs 1.08kg. It has a screen resolution of 2400 × 1600, with a QHD-class HD display and a 3:2 screen ratio.

Other details also seem to confirm what we already know. The convertible laptop has a 360-degree rotating screen that can take the form of a tablet when folded all the way back. The device will still be pre-loaded with the ArtCanvas app. There’s still the stylus PEN, which closely resembles the S Pen in Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of phablets.

The reconstructed site also confirms the presence of a keyboard with curved keycaps and the battery that is supposed to keep the device working for up to 10 hours. Samsung also keeps beating the drum with mentions of regular security updates for the Chrome OS plus a range of new features coming with the Chromebook Pro. Of course, the device will be fully compatible with Android apps out of the box even without an internet connection.

While we’ve recently covered much of the details about the Chromebook Pro, it’s another thing to find a recreated outline of the now defunct product page. With that in mind, feel free to sift through the Chromebook Pro’s landing page with the images below.


Thoughts? Are you excited to get your hands on the new Chromebook Pro?

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