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You told us: Most of you thought it was time to kill Google Now Launcher

Over 70% of polled readers think Google was right to kill its aging legacy launcher.
April 12, 2023
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Google is gearing up to kill off the Google Now Launcher, according to 9to5Google. It’s no surprise, as the launcher hasn’t been updated in years and Google delisted it from the Play Store. But it still marks the end of an era, as it was used as the launcher app of choice for Google Nexus phones.

Nevertheless, we asked Android Authority readers whether Google was right to kill this launcher. Well, the results are finally in.

Is it the right move to kill off the Google Now Launcher?


Almost 2,000 votes were counted in this poll, and it seems like surveyed Android Authority readers overwhelmingly agree with Google’s decision.

A massive 71.3% of respondents voted for “yes,” backing Google’s decision to kill off the legacy launcher app. We can understand why, as it’s been abandoned for a while and succeeded by the Pixel Launcher. It also doesn’t hurt that there are loads of great launchers on the Play Store.

Meanwhile, 28.7% of surveyed readers felt this wasn’t the right move. We’re guessing that these people loved the simple UI and Google Now integration. Furthermore, there are likely still some people using old Nexus phones with this launcher, and they will likely be affected by this change.


  • SyCoREAPER: Discover is probably next. I’ve gotten identical surveys about it at least a dozen times over the past few months. “if I use, how I use it, etc..”
  • zaryan rehman: who uses now launcher anyway ?
  • Jeremy Tanudtanud: I sideloaded the google now launcher for my pixel 4a 5g and I use it all the time.