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If you’re a Nexus owner, then we’ve got some good news for you. Google has posted July 2016’s Security Bulletin and made available the factory images and the OTA files. This month’s security update is a two-parter, with July 1st being a partial and the July 5th one being the whole kit and kaboodle. 

The partial update addresses 22 vulnerabilities, and the full update addresses 30 additional vulnerabilities. It’s worth noting that nine of these vulnerabilities were categorized as ‘critical, ’ so it’s definitely nice to see those patched up. The update is currently rolling out over the air to Nexus devices. For the impatient among you, you can check out the factory images and OTA files for manual flashing.

Security has become an increasing concern for users all across the Android ecosystem. Some security researchers are even recommending that users only buy Nexus or Samsung devices since these are the only products that seem to be capable of staying sufficiently up-to-date. Because of this, it’s always reassuring to see these new security updates arrive.

What are your thoughts regarding the July 2016 Nexus Security Bulletin and the vulnerabilities that have been addressed through it? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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