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Is the iPhone SE series waterproof?

The iPhone SE series is not waterproof, but water-resistant. This article will show you what models have the IP67 rating.

Published onDecember 18, 2023

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David Imel / Android Authority

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable smartphone, adopting the same old-fashioned look with a home button and large bezels around the screen. The first iPhone SE was released in 2016, followed by the second one in 2020, and the latest one in 2022. But does a more affordable price also mean a compromise on durability?

Many iPhone users wonder if their device can survive accidental splashes or drops in water, especially since Apple does not cover liquid damage in its warranty. In this article, we will explore the water-resistance ratings of the iPhone SE models.


The iPhone SE 2022 and 2020 models have an IP67 rating, which means they are water resistant but not completely water-proof. They can withstand being immersed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. The 2016 model, however, does not have this rating and thus is not water-resistant or water-proof.


Is the iPhone SE (2022) waterproof?

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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The iPhone SE (2022) has an IP67 rating for water resistance, according to Apple. This means it can survive being submerged in water up to a depth of one meter for half an hour. So while the iPhone SE is not completely waterproof, it is water-resistant to a certain extent and can handle a lot of water exposure.

However, this water resistance is unsuitable for taking underwater pictures or videos with the iPhone SE (2022). Users should also avoid getting their phone wet on purpose, as this could harm the device over time. Apple does not include water damage in its warranty, so users will have to pay for any repairs if water accidentally leaks into the device.

Is the iPhone SE (2020) waterproof?

iPhone SE 2022 review second opinion side profile with the original iphone and iphone 13 pro
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The iPhone SE (2020) also has the same IP67 rating as its successor. This means it can survive underwater up to 1 meter deep for half an hour, according to Apple’s lab tests. However, water resistance is not a permanent feature. It gets worse over time as the phone gets used and worn out.

If the phone has been dropped or fixed, the water resistance might be even lower. So don’t rely too much on the water resistance of your iPhone. It can handle some water splashes or spills, but that does not mean you can keep it on you when swimming or showering.

Is the iPhone SE (2016) waterproof?

iPhone SE 2022 review second opinion showing back of the phone in hand
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

As for whether the iPhone SE is waterproof, no, it is not. It also doesn’t have any IP rating for water resistance. This means it is not protected from water or dust ingress and could be damaged if exposed to liquids.

However, some phone cases can improve the water-resistance of the iPhone SE (2016) and even make it waterproof. If you want a water-resistant iPhone, you might want to consider the newer models, such as the iPhone SE (2020) or the iPhone SE (2022), which have an IP67 rating.

How to improve your iPhone SE’s water resistance

iPhone SE 2022 review second opinion in hand with android authority website
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The 2022 and 2020 iPhone SE offers a certain degree of water resistance right out of the box. However, if you want to take your device’s water protection to the next level, there are several steps you can take to ensure your iPhone SE remains safe and functional in wet conditions.

Invest in a waterproof case

A high-quality waterproof case is one of the most effective ways to enhance your iPhone SE’s water resistance. These cases are designed to keep water out while allowing you to use your phone. Look for reputable brands that offer certified waterproof protection.

Avoid submerging your device

While the iPhone SE can withstand splashes and brief exposure to water, it’s not designed for underwater use. Avoid submerging your phone in water, as even water-resistant devices have limits. Prolonged exposure to water or deep submersion can lead to damage.

Dry your phone carefully

If your iPhone SE does get wet, power it off immediately and use a lint-free cloth to dry it gently. Make sure to remove any water from the charging port and speaker grills. Avoid using heat sources like hairdryers, as excessive heat can damage your device.

Use a screen protector

Consider applying a water-resistant screen protector to your iPhone SE to prevent water from entering the device through the screen. These protectors are often accessible to install and provide an additional layer of protection.

Regularly check for damage

Inspect your iPhone SE for any signs of damage, including cracks, loose seals, or missing parts. If you notice any issues, get them repaired promptly to maintain the device’s water resistance.


You can use the iPhone SE 2022 and 2020 models in the rain because of their IP67 rating. The rating means they are water-resistant and can withstand light exposure to water. You can use the phone to take pictures and the like as long as you make sure it’s not submerged in water for a long period. The 2016 model, however, does not have the IP67 rating, and should not be used in rain. You could damage the phone and since Apple doesn’t cover liquid damage in their warranty, you will have to bear the cost of any repairs.

The iPhone SE 2022 and 2020 models do have an IP67 rating, which means they should be able to resist immersion in up to 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes. But still, Apple recommends you don’t use it in pools or submerge it completely in water, as the water resistance may wear off and damage the phone. The iPhone SE 2016, due to having no IP67 rating, is not water resistant at all and thus should not be used in a pool. You can improve the water resistance of the phone by using phone cases which will offer some protection.

No, you cannot take your iPhone SE with you in the sea. The 2016 does not have any water resistance at all, and while the 2020 and 2022 models have an IP67 rating, they are not built to withstand submersion in salt water for long.

The iPhone SE 2022 and 2020 models can be used in the shower for a moderate amount of time because of their IP67 rating. It is still recommended you don’t expose your phone to water intentionally though. The iPhone SE 2016 should not be exposed to water at all, so you can’t use it in the shower.

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