samsung galaxy-s6-iron-man-edition-

In a new teaser Samsung is giving us the first look at the red-and-gold Iron Man limited edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

samsung galaxy-s6-iron-man-edition-lighter

Lighting up the image reveals a few more details

Samsung’s marketing deal with Marvel has so far spawned consistent product placement in Avengers: Age of Ultron, several Avengers themes in the Galaxy S6 store, and, of course, a range of Avengers-themed accessories for Samsung’s top devices. But the highlight of this marketing extravaganza is the Iron Man edition of the S6 Edge, which looks like something Tony Stark would approve and use.

The image above was teased by Samsung Korea earlier today; the Iron Man S6 Edge appears to feature a vibrant red and gold finish, complete with a totally unsubtle depiction of the titular superhero.

One of the hashtags accompanying the picture translates to “1000 limited edition,” so it’s very likely that the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge won’t be a mass product. Then again, if demand is high enough, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung doubled down on the idea and even brought more Avenger editions of the S6 Edge. More details next week.

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