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Survey says huge majority of US teens own iPhones, plan to get more iPhones

Chances are exceptionally high that if you're a teen, you love iPhones. Most likely not the teens reading this site, though.

Published onApril 10, 2020

iphone 11 display angled

The Piper Jaffray “Taking Stock With Teens” survey has been running very consistently since 2001. Although the company recently changed its name to Piper Sandler, the survey will continue. The new iteration of the survey concludes something we’ve known about teens for a while: man, do they love iPhones.

According to Piper Sandler’s research, 85% of the 5,200 surveyed teens in the United States owned an iPhone. A whopping 88% of the teens surveyed also said they were planning on getting an iPhone in the future (either for the first time or as a replacement for their current device).

While this survey has consistently concluded that teens prefer iPhones over Android devices pretty much since the survey began, this year’s results represent a new record for the number of responders praising the iPhone.

In comparison, just 8% of the teens surveyed said they were going to buy an Android phone this year. That number is down by 2% from the same survey last year.

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Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this survey. First off, the average age of the surveyed teens is 16.2 years, but “teens” can apply to anyone from 13 to 19. A lot of younger teens are just using hand-me-down iPhones from their parents, so that would obviously skew the results to favor iPhones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the median annual household income of the teens surveyed is $65,600. That suggests that a lot of these teens come from fairly successful families, which skews the results even further.

Regardless, it’s clear that US teens love iPhones and don’t care much for Android devices. This is a big problem for the world of Android because the teens who love the iPhone now will likely stick with the iPhone — and the Apple ecosystem in general — as they grow up and start making their own purchasing decisions.

Android OEMs should definitely start thinking of ways to appeal more to the teen audience — and fast. The number of teens who want an Android phone is only going down every year. In a few years, it could be 0%.

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