Andoid Pay vs Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay

Samsung has launched what is called the High Five Referral Program for Samsung Pay – the Korean electronics giant is paying you $5 for each person you refer to the service.

Mobile payment is an ever-growing sector, and Samsung Pay is no exception. It was introduced last year with the Galaxy S6 family, and unlike other mobile payment platforms, Samsung Pay supports Magnetic Secure Transmission as well as NFC.

MST is the technology used for traditional debit/credit cards where you simply swipe your card through the reader. This means that if you are with a bank that has partnered with Samsung Pay, and if your device supports Samsung Pay, then you can probably leave your wallet at home.

Since its launch, Samsung has been marketing aggressively to encourage users to try its mobile payment service. I myself have earned a $10 Amazon gift card simply by making three purchases using Samsung Pay. Not bad, eh?

Now, with the launch of the Samsung Rewards program, Samsung is offering you $5 for every friend you invite to use Samsung Pay. Although the maximum number of referrals each person gets is limited to 30, that’s $150 you can earn without breaking a sweat.

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Here’s the catch: in order to spend the money that you received from Samsung, the store needs to accept Visa and Samsung Pay since the money is stored in your Samsung Pay Rewards card. Simply swipe up the Samsung Pay icon as you would normally and click your Rewards card to complete your transaction.

With the launch of the Galaxy Note7, Samsung has added even more promotions and deals: upon your first transaction with the Note 7 or S7 edge, you can get a $20 reward, and if you’re currently in the US, you can get $5 off your bill at participating Red Robin and Olive Garden.

Samsung Pay is rapidly expanding around the globe, and I certainly have benefited from it, especially when I forget to take my wallet somewhere. Do you use Samsung Pay? Will you be referring your friends and family members to use the service? Let us know in the comments below!

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