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How to install or remove an Otterbox Defender case

Follow these steps to make installation and removal a breeze to protect your phone.

Published onApril 17, 2023

Smartphones have become essential to our daily lives, and picking the best phone case is crucial to longevity. The Defender Series case is one of the best Otterbox cases, providing durable protection thanks to its multi-layered design and sturdy build. We will guide you through installing and removing the OtterBox Defender Series case for your smartphone.


To install an Otterbox Defender Series case, remove the outer silicon layer with your thumbs. Then, unlock the clips along the inner plastic shell to separate the front and back frame, and sandwich your phone between them. Clip them back together and slip the silicon layer around the edges. Follow the same steps to remove your phone from the case.


How to install an Otterbox Defender case

Follow these simple steps to install your OtterBox Defender Series case:

  1. Separate the case layers: The OtterBox Defender Series case has three layers – a two-piece inner plastic shell and an outer rubber slipcover. Carefully separate these layers by slipping off the outer silicon layer and unclipping the points of the inner plastic shell.
  2. Place your phone in the inner shell: Take the inner plastic shell and place your phone inside, ensuring that it fits snugly. Clip all the points back into place. Ensure all the buttons, ports, and camera cutouts align with your device.
  3. Attach the outer slipcover: Hold the phone with the attached inner shell and screen protector, and slip the outer rubber slipcover over it. Start from one end and work your way around. Press down firmly to ensure the slipcover is securely in place.

How to open and remove an Otterbox Defender case

To remove your OtterBox Defender Series case, follow these steps:

  1. Peel off the outer slipcover: Carefully start at one corner and gently pull the rubber slipcover away from the inner shell. Work your way around the edges of the case until the slipcover is wholly removed.
  2. Detach the screen protector: Once the outer slipcover is removed, unclip all of the edges of the inner plastic shell using your fingernail and gently lift the front layer away from the inner shell.
  3. Remove your phone from the inner shell: Holding the inner cover securely, carefully push your phone out of the case.
  4. Store the case components: If you want to use them again, store them safely by putting them back together.

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