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What are Instagram Notes and how to use them

Share bitesize updates with your followers.

Published onFebruary 23, 2024

Instagram Notes were introduced in late 2022. The jury is still out on whether this feature enhances the user experience, but it provides a more intimate way to communicate with a closer group of people. If you need some guidance, we explain what Instagram Notes are and how to use them below.


With Instagram Notes, you can send micro status updates to your followers. To access Notes, head to your Chats section, tap the Your note option, type and customize your Note, and then share it with your audience.


What are Instagram Notes

Instagram Notes are somewhat of a nod to yesteryear, at least in the world of Meta. They’re status updates, which, in a time of Insta stories and TikTok videos, have become relatively archaic in comparison. You can use Instagram Notes to share anything that’s on your mind. There is a 60-character limit, so whatever you want to say, keep it short. Meta’s Threads platform will be a better option if that’s too limiting and you need more characters in the bank.

Your followers can’t see your Instagram Notes in their feed, unlike reels and photographs. They’re not accessible through Stories either. Instead, they live above your DM list, and only people you mutually follow can see them.

Like Stories, Notes are only visible for 24 hours, after which they disappear. While they’re live, you can engage with Notes from people you follow by liking and responding, though sharing their Notes with other users is impossible.

How to get Instagram Notes

After a staggered rollout, Notes is now available worldwide. It’s integrated into the Instagram app, so as long as you have the latest software update, you should be able to access the feature. In recent updates, Instagram added the ability to blend music with your Notes. It’s an update only available in some regions (more on that shortly).

How to use Instagram Notes

Unless you’re a social media novice, using Notes should be as simple as using any other Instagram feature. It’s a mobile-only feature, so you won’t be able to use Notes on your desktop. If you need some support, below is a guide on getting going with Notes.

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Tap on the Chats icon.
  3. Select Your Note, which also shows your profile picture.
  4. Write what you want to say to your followers. You can use both text and emojis. You can also add music and record a video.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, you can select who you want to share your Note with. This can either be Followers you follow back or your Close Friends list.
  6. Finally, select Share to publish your Note.

Interacting with Notes

Instagram notes interact
Andy Walker / Android Authority

You can find Notes from others next to your profile photo on your Chats page. If you wish to interact with them, tap on their Note. You can write a message response, tap back with an emoji, or combine the two. If they respond, the conversation will continue in the normal section of your DMs.

How to add music to your Instagram Notes

By the way, as mentioned in the instructions, Instagram users can combine music with Notes. We thought it was important to specify how to add tracks and (hopefully) share your great taste in music.

  1. Create a new Note and select the music icon below your profile photo.
  2. Browse the list of available songs and tap on the track you wish to use.
  3. Scroll across the running track to choose which section of the song you want to share. When ready, hit the checkmark button.
  4. Finally, press Share.

Can you turn off Instagram Notes?

It’s impossible to completely turn off Notes, though there is a workaround. If you long-press on a profile photo in the Notes section, a pop-up menu will appear. Select Mute notes to hide a specific user’s Notes from view.

instagram notes mute
Andy Walker / Android Authority

If you don’t want to see any Notes, you’ll have to follow the same process for each of your followers. How long that will take depends on how popular you are.

A note on Notes

In a post on (formerly Twitter), Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the feature was mainly popular with teens. If you’re not in that demographic but would like a status update/microblogging vibe, you do have options. Aside from X, Mastodon is a great open-source microblogging site, as is Bluesky Social.

Notes are a fun way to provide bitesize updates to your followers. We like the feature, yet it’s hardly a power move when we look at the platform’s constant battle with rival TikTok. But it has enough to it for us to recommend giving it a try to see what you think.

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