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What is Bluesky Social and how do I sign up?

Bluesky provides an already familiar social experience while giving the user complete control.
August 4, 2023
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Andy Walker / Android Authority

Are you looking for a new social media platform alternative to the status quo? Bluesky may pique your interest. Originally developed as an extension of Twitter, it’s now billed as one of the many Twitter alternatives. But what is Bluesky Social, and how do you get started? We cover all this and more below.


Bluesky Social is a microblogging platform built on open-source software with no centralized authority. While the app is now publicly available, those interested in signing up require an invite code.


What is Bluesky Social?

Bluesky Social is a new platform that allows users to send short-form messages and updates to one another. Bluesky is different from other social media apps because it’s built on open-source software, and there’s no centralized authority dictating how and when users can interact with each other.

On the surface, Bluesky’s user interface is very much like Twitter’s. Users can see a timeline full of all the posts from the accounts they follow. You can interact with other posts by liking them, responding to them, and resharing them with your followers. Unlike Twitter, you cannot set your posts to private — anyone can see them.

If you’re a Twitter user, transitioning to the Bluesky app should feel seamless as it essentially offers the same user experience, minus the fluctuating restrictions.

That’s not to say Bluesky will be the wild west of social media. Content moderation still exists; the difference here is the user has total control over what type of content or speech they want to filter out of their experience.

Is Bluesky Social publicly available?

If creative freedom and decentralization appeal to you, you likely want to go and get your Bluesky account immediately. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Unlike traditional social media apps, Bluesky opts for an invite-only approach to gathering users rather than offering a quick sign-up process. The company decided on this process to minimize abuse on the platform.

Bluesky is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download the app using the buttons below.

When will Bluesky Social officially launch?

Bluesky became publicly available for Android users on April 20, 2023. Although very much in its infancy, the company states it gathered 50,000 active users by the end of that month, with the number steadily growing.

Users can only use Bluesky via the mobile app in its current iteration. The web app only serves as a space to create your account. It’s unclear at this stage if a fully functioning version of the platform will be available through your web browser.

How to get an invite code for Bluesky Social

Thankfully, although Bluesky is an invite-only platform, anyone can request an invite code. Requesting a code is easy; you can do it via web-based and mobile apps.

  1. After opening the app, select Create a new account.
  2. Next, select Bluesky as your default hosting provider.
  3. Select Join the waiting list.
  4. Add your email address and then wait to receive your invitation.

The main downside is that you won’t receive the code immediately, nor does Bluesky offer any timelines for when users should receive it. Beware that many digital hustlers are trying to sell “invite codes.” While the urge to purchase may be there, we strongly recommend waiting for your official code from Bluesky.

One alternative to joining the waiting list is receiving an invite code from an active user. Bluesky periodically gives invite codes to trusted platform users, though this doesn’t happen often. If you know someone with a code, do some sweet talking and ask them to get you in.

How to sign up for Bluesky (with an invite code)

If you already have your invite code, creating your Bluesky Social account is as straightforward as any other social app.

  1. After opening the app, select Create a new account.
  2. Next, select Bluesky as your default hosting provider.
  3. You’ll then be asked to input your invitation code.

From here, you only need to create a unique username and password, and then you can use the platform.

Bluesky is remarkably similar to Twitter, down to the blue accents. The composition screen allows for posts of up to 300 characters, while users can switch between primary post languages. You can search for other users to follow and create posts to share with your followers.

Is Bluesky worth it?

It’s too early to tell if Bluesky will be a viable alternative to well-established social platforms. Its slow rollout means users won’t get the same reach as Twitter and Threads, and its waiting list may be long enough for potential users to lose interest.

However, if you’re tired of the ever-changing nature of Twitter but desire a similar user experience, then the Bluesky app could be a good option, especially if it continues to grow its user base. It’s not the only Twitter alternative available, so it’s worth looking into what’s on the market before committing to a Bluesky account.


No. Bluesky Social is a privately held company.

Bluesky was created by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019, who is now on the company’s board. The Bluesky app became independent of Twitter in 2021.

After leading the Bluesky project while still at Twitter, Jay Graber became the official owner of the platform alongside a handful of other Bluesky team members.