The Instagram app on Pixel 2.
  • It seems like the Instagram app on Android is crashing for many users.
  • Several Twitter users report issues on the Google platform but no trouble on iOS.
  • The DownDetector website shows the problem is widespread, ranging from Asia to North America.

It’s not very often that the world’s most popular services get knocked offline, but it seems like the Instagram Android app is the latest service to suffer from an outage.

The issue, spotted on r/Android, appears to have affected a wide range of devices, including the Google Pixel 2 to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The Instagram app simply fails to start on those handsets.

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Several users add that updating to the beta version made the app work again. I’ve been running the beta version on my personal phone and haven’t noticed any crashing, for what it’s worth.

Some Twitter users report that their iOS apps are working fine, suggesting that this is an issue with Android phones only.

In any event, the DownDetector website has tracked a slew of reports for Instagram issues in the past four hours or so. These reports mention login issues, newsfeed problems, and website issues as the most prominent problems.

The website’s region tracker and user comments show affected users in North America, Europe, Russia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Singapore.

You might want to switch to the mobile website if you’re suffering from app issues, then. Fortunately, the mobile website supports image uploads, so you can do more than just browse.

Has your Instagram app been crashing? What phone model are you using? Let us know in the comments below!