What is Instabridge Free WiFi?

Instabridge Free WiFi is a crowd-sourced application that shows you where WiFi hotspots are and connects you to them automatically when you’re in range. This not only includes public places like coffee shops, but other Instabridge users as well (if they opt in). It’s currently free to use in the Google Play Store.

Here is how the app works. Users of the app find free WiFi hotspots and then connect to it with Instabridge. That hotspot enters into their database and shows other users where it is. Then, when you’re in range of that WiFi, you can have the app connect automatically. You can also use it to find hotspots if you don’t know where any free WiFi is located and it does work offline. It generally acts like a WiFi manager and can actually replace the stock Android one if you let it.

Another really useful feature of Instabridge is that you can list your own home WiFi and give access to other users (usually your friends) who request it which is a lot more simple than telling everyone your router password over and over again. Other features of the app include the ability to measure the WiFi speed, backup and sync (so your stored passwords can be used on any device), and even the ability to avoid hotspots that don’t work well or are not secure. You’ll have to do that last part manually but the app will remember once you do.

Instabridge Free WiFi review

A genuinely useful tool for you hotspot explorers out there.


Helps you find and connect to free public WiFi.
Stores info like passwords so you can auto connect to hotspots when you're in range. Sync and backup brings this info to all of your devices.
Crowd sourced so you're helping everyone and everyone is helping you.
Mark hotspots as bad so you can avoid them.
Free with no in app purchases.
Very nice design.


A little lacking in social features for an app that relies almost totally on people interacting.
Some bugs and issues here and there that need to be fixed.
Other small issues like duplicate listings, etc can be annoying.

Bottom Line

Instabridge Free WiFi is a really useful app for travelers and people who don’t have home WiFi and need to find hotspots to connect to. There are some parts of the app that need a little polish. It also may not have a lot of data in your area if there aren’t other Instabridge Free WiFi users. Still, it’s a handy tool and it’s free so there’s no harm in checking it out.

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