Payback 2 is a third person shooter and action game that takes place in an open world. Players have the option of playing offline or online events that are almost constantly packed to the gills with action. It’s free to download with in app purchases.

The game is a third person shooter that is literally packed to the gills with action and chaos. You can drive vehicles including tanks and helicopters and there are a variety of guns to find and use. The game includes 50 campaign events that include brawls, races, and shootouts. There are also hourly, daily, and weekly challenges to help keeps players immersed and provide them with something to do. You can even make your own events.

Most of the game is very simple to play. The mechanics are classic shooter and the controls are easy to grasp. There are separate controls to drive vehicles and you can change the controls a little bit in the settings to make it easier on yourself. You should have the hang of things once you’re finished with the tutorials.

I cannot stress enough how much action is in this game. There is almost constant action going on all around you at almost all times. With the variety of game play modes and the custom events option, there are a lot of options when it comes to things to do. Each game takes place on a large level and players roam around killing one another. Sometimes they race while they do it. The graphics are passable and get the job done.

Payback 2 review

Action packed doesn't quite describe it.


Loads of things to do, including online battles, custom game modes, and 50 campaign missions.
Simple mechanics and graphics puts the action and carnage in the forefront and that's great.
Highly rated and free to play (with in app purchases).


It likens itself to GTA and we couldn't figure out why. It's more like a mix between FPS multiplayer played in third person and a Twisted Metal game.
Small issues like hanging while searching for multiplayer can sometimes get annoying.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a really fun game. There is always something to do and the various game modes, challenges, and custom game modes add depth to an otherwise simple premise. They’ve also recently updated the game to include free multiplayer without time limits so that’s a serious plus. It’s highly rated with few issues and it’s free to download so why not?

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