Holo Droid Info review

What is Holo Droid Info?

Holo Droid Info is a live wallpaper that features Tron-style graphics and displays your system information. It can display quite a bit of information and there are even some customization options. There is a free trial available in the Play Store and the full version costs $1.49.

The wallpaper is capable of displaying such info as date and time, platform info, battery, CPU, storage, and network state. You can choose what it displays so you view all or only some of the options. There is support for both tablets and phones although on phones things start to get a little cluttered if you put all the information on there. This is much better for tablets.

You can also customize the look. There are various color options, animations, and some other things. It’s a darker wallpaper so if you’re rocking a lighter theme, you may need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, between the color options and customization options, you can make this look pretty much how you want.

Holo Droid Info screenshot

Functional and good looking.


Displays a surprising amount of device information. Even the SDK version your version of Android is running.
Color options and other customization options are a nice touch.
Free trial available so you can try before you buy. $1.49 isn't overly expensive.
Active and engaged developer fixes issues and responds to user issues which is always a plus.


It's a dark themed live wallpaper so those with lighter themes may not like it.
Can feel cluttered on phones. Best used on tablets.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a solid live wallpaper. It focuses on information more than looks which some people do like but it does also look pretty good. You can try it before you buy it and you can find the trial version by clicking here. Those who want their info displayed on their tablet have a pretty good option here and it’s worth checking out.

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