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Hulu error code P-TS207: What is it and how to fix it?

Get Hulu back up and working in no time!

Published onApril 22, 2024

Picture this: You get home after a busy day and try to stream your next Hulu movie or show, only to be welcomed by a pesky error code. Hulu error code P-TS207 is one of the most common ones. Today, we’ll tell you all about it, and then show you how to fix Hulu error code P-TS207.

How do I fix the Hulu error code P-TS207?

You can try multiple methods to fix Hulu error code P-TS207. Some of the most effective troubleshooting tips include checking your internet connection, making sure Hulu servers are functional, making sure your router isn't congested, clearing the app cache, reinstalling the app, turning off the VPN, and more. Keep reading this guide for more details.


Editor’s note: All steps in this article were formulated using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 14 and an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 17.4.1. Some steps and options may be different depending on your hardware and software. 

What does the P-TS207 error code mean on Hulu?

First, let’s talk about what is causing the Hulu error code P-TS207 to appear. It’s actually such a common issue because it’s caused by a very general problem.

All the Hulu error code P-TS207 indicates is that there is a playback error, which can result from many problems. This may include connection woes, faulty software, corrupted app files, etc.

How to fix the Hulu P-TS207 error code

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is right away, but we can walk you through a series of troubleshooting tips to help you figure out a solution.

Is your internet working?

Google Nest Wi Fi Pro router front view on table
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

A slow or faulty internet connection can be a very common cause for error code P-TS207 to show up when trying to enjoy Hulu. The streaming service recommends at least a 3Mbps bandwidth for general content, 8Mbps for live streams, and 16Mbps for 4K content. Anything under that may start giving you trouble.

First, try to use the internet with another device connected to the same Wi-Fi network you’re trying to use. If everything works correctly, run a speed test to see if your connection meets the minimum data requirements. We like You can also check if your internet connection is even working. This is easy; do anything that requires an internet connection on any of your devices. A simple Google search will do.

Given that your internet connection is not the culprit, you can move on to the next section. If it is, though, you should try restarting your router. Every router has different methods for rebooting, but some have a reset button, or can be restarted using an app. If yours doesn’t, simply unplugging the router, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in will do the trick.

If restarting the router doesn’t help, you should call your internet service provider to investigate the matter further.

If you’re using mobile data, there is a chance your connection is slow, or maybe you turned off mobile data by accident. Let’s help you check if your mobile data is on.

How to turn on mobile data on Android:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go into Network & internet.
  3. Tap on your network in the SIMs.
  4. Make sure Mobile Data is toggled on.
  5. You can also turn on Roaming, but remember this may incur extra charges, depending on your mobile plan.

How to turn on mobile data on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go into Cellular.
  3. Make sure Cellular Data is toggled on.
  4. You can go into Cellular Data Options and toggle on Data Roaming, too. Just remember this may incur extra charges, depending on your mobile plan.

Check if Hulu is down

While it’s uncommon to see a Hulu P-TS207 error code due to server issues, it’s a possibility and worth checking. We recommend using a third-party outage service like This is a crowd-sourced website that collects reports from users to find out if a service is down. It even has a live map to see if the issue is local or widespread.

You can also check Hulu Support on Twitter. The company will often announce problems there.

If Hulu is down, you can do nothing but wait it out. Kill time with another streaming service, maybe?

Are there too many devices connected to your router?

Smartphones 2024 angled
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

There is another factor that can affect your internet performance, even if your service is operating correctly. All routers have a limit as to how many simultaneous connections they can handle. Internet service providers are known for providing basic routers, often only supporting about 10-15 concurrent connections. Try powering off other devices or sign them off the Wi-Fi network and see if that helps your connection.

If you often face internet issues caused by too many device connections, you should consider upgrading. Most Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E routers can support 50 or more simultaneous connections.

Restart the device

You wouldn’t imagine a simple restart could fix so many issues, but it seems to do wonders most of the time. Why not give it a try? It might kick all the gears in place if there is anything wrong going on with your device’s software.

How to restart an Android device:

  1. Simultaneously press the side and volume up buttons.
  2. Tap on Restart.

How to restart an iOS device:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the side and volume up or volume down buttons.
  2. After a few seconds, the power screen will show up.
  3. Use the slider that reads slide to power off.
  4. Let the device power down. When it’s off, press and hold the side button for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows up.

Update the Hulu app

App updates often contain bug fixes and stability upgrades. This is why it’s essential to always keep your apps as current as possible. Simply go to your respective app store and get the most recent update of the Hulu app. We’ll show you how to do this with the two most popular mobile operating systems.

How to update an Android app:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon.
  3. Select Manage apps & device.
  4. Tap on the Updates available option.
  5. You can either hit Update next to Hulu, or simply select Update all to take care of all apps simultaneously.

How to update an iOS app:

  1. Launch the Apple App Store.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon.
  3. Scroll down, and you will see all the apps with available updates. Hit Update next to Hulu or select Update All.

Clear the app cache and storage

This is a common fix for any issue that may be going on with the app cache files. While cache improves general performance, these locally stored files can get corrupted. Clean them up and see if that helps.

How to clear Hulu app cache on Android:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps.
  3. Tap on See all apps.
  4. Find and select Hulu.
  5. Hit Storage & cache.
  6. Select Clear cache.
  7. You should also Clear storage.

You can’t clear the cache on iOS apps. Essentially, you will need to uninstall and reinstall an app to accomplish this. We’ll talk more about this procedure in the next section.

Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app

If the problem persists, a clean install might help with any corrupted files within the Hulu app.

How to uninstall an Android app:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps.
  3. Tap on See all apps.
  4. Find and select Hulu.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. Confirm the action by tapping OK.

How to uninstall an iOS app:

  1. Find the Hulu app, then tap and hold on to it for a few seconds.
  2. Select Remove App.
  3. Tap on Delete App.

You can now reinstall the app and try again. Just get it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Download the content instead of streaming it

The Hulu error code P-TS207 seems to mostly appear when trying to stream content. A simple workaround many claim works is downloading your movies or episodes for offline viewing.

Sadly, this feature isn’t available to all Hulu subscribers. You will need to have a No Ads plan, which is available for Hulu and Hulu + Live TV subscriptions. These cost $18 per month and $90 per month, accordingly.

Are you using a VPN?

VPN stock photo 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Even the best VPNs can create conflicts when connecting to a service. Sometimes, VPN connections are slower, or can interfere with Hulu’s servers for many reasons. Not to mention Hulu is only available in the US, and the service doesn’t exactly like it when you use a VPN to access it from another country.

Turn off your VPN and try to play your Hulu content again.

Time to contact support

Have you tried everything, but you can’t get rid of the Hulu error code P-TS207? Maybe it’s time to get in touch with support. You can contact Hulu directly here. We also have a guide on fixing general Hulu issues, if you need some more help.


Hulu error code P-TS207 indicates a playback error. This could be due to many reasons, such as internet problems, a slow connection, issues with app files, etc.

Hulu is one of very few streaming services that are only available in one country. In this case, it’s the United States of America. Due to content restrictions and licensing, Hulu isn’t allowed to stream outside the United States.

It’s possible to stream Hulu content outside the US, using a VPN. That said, the company isn’t very fond of it and can block your access to its services if it finds out you’re doing this.

The base Hulu plan starts at $8 per month or $80 yearly. It’s ad-supported and allows you to stream its library. You can also get a Hulu plan with No Ads for $18 monthly. The Hulu + Live TV plans start at $77 per month. Hulu offers discounts for students, as well as bundles and other additional content. You can learn all the details on Hulu’s website.

A single Hulu account can stream from two screens at any given moment. There is one exception, though. Live TV users can get an Unlimited Screens Add-on, which costs an extra $10 monthly.

You can download Hulu shows and movies, but only if you subscribe to a No Ads plan.

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