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According to a new report from The Information, Huawei plans to launch its early-2020 flagship smartphones — expected to be known as the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro — to a global audience. This is curious considering the company’s most recent flagships, the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, still have no release outside of the company’s native China.

The Mate 30 likely hasn’t seen a global release due to the huge problem of the company having no access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) due to the US ban on Huawei. In China, citizens are already acclimated to owning Android smartphones lacking Google products, but throughout the rest of the world, Google is so tightly integrated within Android that most consumers won’t purchase a phone without GMS.

It’s not quite clear how the Huawei P40 line would not also have this same problem, considering we still have no official word on the Huawei ban coming to a close anytime soon.

One theory could be that Huawei has some inside information that leads it to believe the Huawei ban will be over or at the very least diminished in time for the launch of the Huawei P40. This is certainly possible, but one would assume word of a reprieve would have leaked out to journalists by now.

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Another theory could be that Huawei will take a gamble on its own mobile services known as Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). However, this would necessitate a massive push from developers to port their apps to Huawei’s system. It would also require Huawei to solve a lot of the problems related to missing Google services which has a dramatic effect on everything from ad delivery to push notifications. It is highly unlikely Huawei would be able to implement these changes in a smooth way by the Spring of 2020, though. A developer interviewed for the report from The Information supports this skepticism.

Yet another theory is that Huawei could make the P40 and P40 Pro more like a Huawei P30 2 and P30 Pro 2. If Huawei can keep the internals of the P40 line similar enough to the P30 line that it wouldn’t require a new GMS license, then the company could release the phone throughout the world with Google apps on board.

Of course, that theory would necessitate consumers paying 2020 flagship prices for a phone that is merely a rehash of an early 2019 smartphone. However, this could be the company’s only option for keeping up with its competitors in Europe, the Middle East, and other countries outside China if the Huawei ban sticks.

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We reached out to Huawei about the Mate 30 Pro’s release outside of China, but a Huawei spokesperson declined to provide any new information.

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