Folded Huawei Mate X with Android Authority on display

Although it’s incredibly difficult to get a Huawei Mate X anywhere outside of China, that won’t stop the company from eventually releasing a Huawei Mate X2, probably sometime in 2020. Judging from some newly-leaked patents (via 91Mobiles), the Mate X2 might be more like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What we mean by that, of course, is that the patent shows a foldable that folds inward rather than outward. This makes more sense as the highly delicate foldable display gets protected when you throw it into your bag or shove it into your coat pocket.

The Mate X, though, folds outward, so the display is consistently in danger from outside elements.

Check out the patent images of the unreleased Huawei foldable device below (colorized and augmented by 91Mobiles):

To be clear, there’s nothing in these patents that indicates this is the design of the Huawei Mate X2. This could be an entirely different phone or simply a prototype. It also could be nothing at all, just a patent Huawei filed in case it needed it later.

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However, if it is a proposed design for the Huawei Mate X2, that would likely make it a more appealing foldable phone for those skeptical of the original Mate X and its potential longevity.

At Mobile World Congress 2020, we expect Huawei to unveil the Mate XS, which will likely be a slightly upgraded version of the Mate X. That device shouldn’t deviate too drastically from the design of the Mate X, though.

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