huawei mate 8 vs nexus 6p aa (3 of 23)

Historically Huawei hasn’t exactly been the best when it comes to timely updates, whether we are talking full Android version upgrades or even minor bug fixes. Thankfully, things seem to be different with the Huawei Mate 8, which has already received two general performance updates in the short time it has been available outside of China. And now it appears Huawei is taking an equally active approach to security updates as well.

The Mate 8 is now rolling out a security patch for February, just a little over two weeks after Google itself. The new patch addresses remote code execution issues, security bypass problems, and plenty of other technical stuff that you won’t need to worry about once you’re on the latest update.

Keep in mind that the update isn’t rolling out to everyone yet, as I can confirm the patch has yet to hit my device and even manually attempting to pull it hasn’t worked. Still, it’s good to see that Huawei is working hard to make slow upgrades, bug fixes, and security issues a thing of the past.

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