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  • Huawei executive Walter Ji gave an interview recently discussing the company’s plans for 2019.
  • According to Ji, Huawei cameras are the big focus for its future smartphone ambitions, with more lenses and better zoom.
  • Ji also briefly discussed a few other topics related to Huawei.

Huawei executive Walter Ji — who’s been with the company for 18 years — recently sat down for an interview with Android Pit. Ji discussed Huawei’s future ambitions for smartphones, cameras, laptops, and 5G, among other topics.

Huawei pioneered the triple-lens camera setup when it released the Huawei P20 Pro earlier this year. Its latest flagship series — the Huawei Mate 20 line — also features triple cameras. According to Ji, the next two frontiers are quad camera setups (which we’ve already seen from Samsung) and 10x zoom.

On the multiple camera lenses, Ji says (translated), “Next year we will definitely see more innovation in the camera, and now we have three, imagine four for next year.”

As far as zoom capabilities go, Ji is unsatisfied with the current status quo: Three or five times the zoom is not enough, ten times the zoom in consistent quality with the smartphone, this is unique! In these areas we research, and there we could have surprises for you.”

Ji also dismissed the idea of Huawei releasing budget devices: “In the entry-level class, you can not guarantee a good user experience, which is not good for the Huawei brand.” It seems the budget devices will stay with Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor.

Finally, Ji also dismissed the idea of introducing Huawei Android One devices: “We tested that in our markets, but I do not think customers are happy with it.”

Outside of its traditional smartphone plans, Ji also discussed Huawei’s 5G plans (Ji says 5G will change everything), artificial intelligence (simplicity is the key, according to Ji), laptops (Huawei will push even further into the PC industry in 2019, Ji says), and Brexit (Ji says Huawei is doing well in the U.K. and sees that trend continuing).

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