Of all the features that are included in the recently launched HTC U11, the one that stands out the most is Edge Sense. HTC installed sensors on the sides of its flagship phone that can activate a number of functions when the owner squeezes the case. Today, the company released a new video that shows some upcoming Edge Sense additions that will be included in a forthcoming update to the U11.

The YouTube video begins by showing how, by using Edge Sense, U11 owners will soon be able to squeeze the phone to zoom in on the Google Maps app. The same kind of zoom in support will also be added for checking out images inĀ Google Photos as well. HTC also demonstrated how U11 owners will be able to switch from a weekly calendar to one that shows both weekly and monthly selections with just a squeeze of the phone, again via Edge Sense.

Other upcoming features that are shown in the video include answering phone calls by squeezing the sides of the U11, and ending them by doing the same thing. Owners will also be able to end pesky alarms just by squeezing the sides with a future update. Finally, HTC showed how YouTube fans will be able to pause videos with a quick squeeze of the U11, again via Edge Sense.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the Edge Sense updates will become available, with HTC stating simply they are “on the roadmap.” Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for these additions to be added to the U11. If you already own the phone, are you excited about the prospect of more Edge Sense features? Let us know what you would like to see added to the phone in the comments!

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