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As promised earlier in the month, an Android Marshmallow update is on its way for this year’s HTC One M9 flagship, along with a smaller update for the One A9. HTC’s Mo Versi has just announced that the two updates will be going live any time now.

Well, any time in the next 24 hours, according to the tweet. Also, there appear to be two slightly different updates heading out to the smartphones. The HTC One A9 will be bumped up to Android 6.0.1, complete with all those extra emoji’s, while the One M9 will receive the original 6.0 Marshmallow software.

The update only appears to be heading out to US customers who own unlocked versions of the handsets too, so we’ll have to wait for news on when the upgrades will arrive for customers in other countries. As usual, carrier branded handsets will lag further behind.

HTC seems pretty hot on the updates, having rolled out Marshmallow to its One M8 smartphone back at the start of December. Keep an eye out for that OTA notification any time now.

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