We just reported that HTC seems to be on schedule with the Marshmallow updates for the One M9 and M8, though we couldn’t give an exact date as to when owners of these handsets would start receiving their updates. Now HTC’s Mo Versi has taken to Twitter, yet again, to let the public know that the unlocked One M8 will begin to receive its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update within the next 24 hours!

Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup

You may have noticed that the M9, HTC’s newer flagship, still hasn’t gotten its update. Mr. Versi, replying to a curious user on Twitter, says that the update for the M9 is coming soon, and that he will advise the public once testing is complete.

In case you missed our earlier coverage, HTC previously stated that both the unlocked One M9 and M8 will receive Marshmallow by the year’s end. After doing some digging on Twitter, we found that HTC plans to roll out the update to carrier variants of both handsets very early next year. The company says the Sprint M8 is expected to get the update as early as January 4th.

If you own an unlocked One M8, be sure to let us know once you get the update!

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