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Is the HTC10 overpriced?

Although readers have been outspoken about their desire to have an AMOLED display instead of LCD, the biggest outcry has been over the flagship's price.

Published onApril 13, 2016

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Now that the HTC 10 has been officially announced, we finally have a definite perspective on its specs and pricing. In our Poll of the Week, we asked our readers what they would change about this newest flagship from HTC. The results of the poll showed that the biggest design feature that people weren’t thrilled about was the LCD screen. Although readers were outspoken about their desire to have AMOLED on the device’s 5.2-inch display, the biggest outcry in the comments addressed a detail we didn’t even include in the formal poll: the price.

HTC 10 review!

[related_videos align=”right” type=”custom” videos=”685961,685964,596131,596037″]Yes, the HTC10 is going to run you $700 to grab it unlocked. That makes it just as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S7, but some are pointing out that HTCdoesn’t quite have the brand recognition that allows Samsung and Apple to price their devices in that range. Considering the HTC One M8 ran for $600 out of the gate, and the M9 went for $650, we can kind of see how this price tag is right in line with a trend the company has been following lately.

It’s worth noting that HTCis offering a very generous $100 discount to users who have signed up for an HTCAccount. The codes are country specific, but it’s looking like even people who don’t have an account can use them. This of course brings the price tag down to $600 unlocked, which is much more manageable than $700. HTCoffered a similar discount with the $399 One A9 back in October 2015, though the price was quickly bumped back up to $499 after only a few weeks on the market at that price.

So let’s talk about the standard price point with no discount. Is $700 too much for the HTC10?

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Historically, HTCwas regarded as something of a more premium smartphone manufacturer, especially since they embraced metal bodies well before many other manufacturers. However, ever since more manufacturers are using more premium materials in their phones nowadays, this distinction has become kind of blurred. Almost all the flagships we’re looking at this year have that “premium feel,” so it’s become more difficult for HTCto set themselves apart in that regard.

Problems really arise when you start comparing the HTC10 to something like the much-lauded Nexus 6P, which runs for $200 less. Both devices rock 12MP cameras, but the HTC 10’s selfie snapper is only 5MP while the 6P is rocking 8. The 6P has a slightly heftier battery, but where it really outclasses the HTC10 in some people’s opinion is its massive 5.7 inch AMOLED display. It’s true the Nexus device runs an older processor; the HTC10 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 while the Nexus 6P sports a Snapdragon 810. RAM is the kicker as well, as the 6P only runs 3GB compared to the HTCflagship’s 4. Nevertheless, many fans are willing to accept these variances for the $200 price drop. The key difference here is that users feel like they’re getting a lot of bang for their buck with the Nexus. With the HTC10… that sentiment just isn’t there.

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So is the HTC10 overpriced? Well… kind of, actually. I mean, you are definitely paying for a premium device here, and we doubt anybody will argue otherwise. Still, if it’s going to go toe-to-toe with the water-resistant powerhouse that is the S7, the modular innovation of the LG G5, and the bold (if probably ill-fated) arrival of the BlackBerry Priv, the HTC10 should have either chopped the price or brought something truly original to the table.

That’s our take, but what are your thoughts regarding this flagship’s starting price? Do you agree that it’s at least a bit overpriced, or do you think that you’re essentially getting what you pay for? Let us know your opinion in the poll below!

HTC 10 pricing and availability: what we know so far (updated)

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