Samsung Galaxy S10 face

As with most smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones have their version of what’s commonly called Airplane Mode. Basically, turning on Airplane Mode on the Galaxy S10 shuts down all wireless hardware (cellular, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth) until Airplane Mode is turned off again. Airplane Mode was put into most phones because up until a few years ago, airlines did not allow the use of connected smartphones while in flight. While many airlines have since relaxed those restrictions, Airplane Mode can still be a useful feature if you want to converse battery life, or if you just don’t want to get any calls or texts on your phone for a while.

If you want some peace and quiet while still using your smartphone for other tasks, here’s how to turn on Airplane Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone.

How to turn on Airplane Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone

As you will see, it’s pretty simple to turn Airplane Mode on and off.

1. Slide up to the phone’s app screen and tap on the Settings app.

2. Go to the Connections option in the Settings menu.

3. Scroll down to the Airplane mode selection, where you should see a slider on the right side.

4. Tap on the slider and when it is blue, the Galaxy S10 is in Airplane Mode. Just tap the slider again to turn Airplane Mode off when you are ready.

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