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How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Who wouldn't like a cool parrot sitting on their shoulder?

Published onMarch 9, 2023

Parrots are some of Minecraft’s most unique pets. Like most pets, parrots follow the player like any other pet but also have the distinction of sitting on your shoulder sometimes. They’re not just pretty, but also functional. They can also act as a radar since they can mimic the sounds of nearby mobs. It’s definitely useful to have one, and you’re here because you want to tame one. Here’s how to tame a parrot in Minecraft. We have a separate tutorial for getting a parrot on and off of your shoulder.


To tame a parrot in Minecraft, find one in a jungle near log, leaf, and grass block. Feed it wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds, or torchflower seeds. There is a 10% chance of taming the parrot each time you feed it a seed. This method should work in both the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.


How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Tame a parrot in Minecraft
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Taming a parrot in Minecraft isn’t terribly difficult. You feed it seeds until it likes you. Here are the seeds that it’ll eat.

  • Wheat seeds
  • Melon seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Beetroot seeds
  • Torchflower seeds

Feed the parrot any of those seeds. Each seed has a 10% chance of taming the parrot. Once tamed, it’ll follow you around like any other pet. Simply keep feeding it seeds until it likes you.

Can I feed parrots cookies?

Feed parrot a cookie
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

No, do not feed your parrots cookies. This question is an old one from back when parrots were first introduced. Back then, you could feed the parrots cookies to tame them. However, the developers changed this behavior in 2017 to be truer to real life. Now, the birds can only eat seeds. Feeding the parrots a cookie will kill them in-game the same way that it does in real life.

You can read more about the update to learn more about the reasoning. Basically, the developers didn’t want kids to feed their real parrots cookies because it’s toxic to birds, so they reflected that in-game, so kids didn’t pick up any bad habits.

Can you breed parrots?

Spawn Parrot eggs
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

No, you cannot breed parrots like you can with horses, mules, or donkeys. They spawn naturally in a fully grown form in jungles. You can put as many of them in a room as you want and feed them whatever you want, but it does not work.

The only way to spawn parrots is with parrot spawn eggs, which are only available in creative mode. It’s actually quite fun to do since each egg can spawn a different colored bird. In fact, that’s how we got the featured image for this post.

*Interlink just before FAQ*


Yes, a tamed parrot will teleport to your location if you get too far away from it.

You can get parrots to dance when they’re around a jukebox. They will also dance on your shoulder, but only in the Bedrock edition.

There is no dedicated method for healing an injured parrot. However, you can craft a healing splash potion and use that. According to many players, this heals parrots. You do need to splash the parrot with the potion, though.

There is only one type of parrot, but that parrot can come in five different colors. They are red, blue, green, cyan, and gray.

They can only eat seeds. Feeding parrots cookies will kill them. Parrots don’t seem to be able to eat anything else.

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