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How to pin a video on Zoom

Pinning a video lets you keep the participants you want to pay attention to front and center.

Published onNovember 21, 2022

In a Zoom meeting, especially with many participants, it is sometimes helpful to keep one or several persons’ video feed in front of you. For this reason, Zoom allows you to pin, or keep visible, up to nine videos. Meeting hosts and co-hosts can pin up to nine videos by default. Non-hosts can pin one video or, if they get permission from a host, up to nine as well. Pinning a video interrupts Active Speaker View and lets you keep the participants you want to pay attention to front and center.

Pinning is often used for training purposes. If you are recording your meeting on your computer, the pinned video will record as you see it, but the view of other participants, and recordings to the cloud, will not be affected by pinning a video. It is quick and easy to set up and implement, and gives you far greater control over your Zoom meeting experience.

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To pin a video on Zoom once you are in a meeting, swipe left to enter Gallery View. You will see all the participants' videos. Double-tap on the video you want to pin.


How to pin a video on the Zoom desktop app

Pinning a video is actually very simple, but the feature is a bit hidden. Let’s walk you through it.

  1. Join a Zoom meeting.
  2. Click on the View control in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Gallery.
  4. Find the person you want to pin and select the three-dot menu button next to him.
  5. Select Pin.

The selected video will go from thumbnail to full size in the center of the app screen, while the other participants are shown in thumbnails along the top. You can do this with up to nine videos (get permission from your host if it’s not your meeting). Each pinned video will have a control in the upper left to Remove Pin. When the last pinned video is unpinned, you will return to Active Speaker View.

How to pin a video on the Zoom mobile app

The mobile app seems to be much more intuitive. Here’s how to pin videos from your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Join a Zoom meeting.
  2. The Zoom meeting will start in Active Speaker View, so first swipe left to get to Gallery View.
  3. Double-tap on the video you want to pin.
  4. To unpin, double-tap the video again. This will return you to Active Speaker View.


No, neither the person whose video you pin nor the host of the meeting can see that you have pinned a video, nor will they be notified.

Yes, you can. There is no time limit on pinning a video, other than the length of the meeting.

No, your microphone will work just as it did in Active Speaker View. You are not in a private room with the person in the pinned video.

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