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Here's how to get ESPN Plus on your Samsung Smart TV

Here's how to bring the power of ESPN Plus to your new Samsung smart TV!
April 26, 2021

ESPN Plus is an excellent platform for the sports-lover in your life. You might already have a subscription, thanks to the Disney Plus bundle, too. If you just picked up a new Samsung smart TV or just want a way to connect the two, you’re in luck. Here’s how to get ESPN Plus on your Samsung Smart TV.

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We’ll first walk you through the steps you’ll need to download the app. After that, we have a few tips to get you signed in quickly. Ready to get in the game? Let’s go.

How to get ESPN Plus on your Samsung smart TV

When you fire up your Samsung smart TV, the first thing you’ll want to do is grab your remote. Not the remote that came with your cable box, but your TV’s own remote. If it’s a newer Samsung TV, you’ll likely have a slim remote with just a few buttons. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open your menu of apps using the home button.
  2. Navigate over to the option marked Apps and press Enter.
  3. Open the search bar and type in ESPN.
  4. Head to the ESPN icon and press Enter.

That’s all there is to it — you now have the ESPN app on your Samsung smart TV. You’ll notice that there’s no dedicated ESPN Plus app, which helps keep things easy and condensed. Now, it’s time to get logged in.

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How to log into ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus Samsung smart TV

Once you jump into the ESPN app for the first time, you’ll notice a menu of options across the top. It might be tempting to hop into the ESPN Plus tab, but that’s primarily for new subscribers. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Settings cog.
  2. Navigate down to Subscriptions.
  3. Press the Log In button.
  4. Take note of the activation code and head to on your phone or desktop.
  5. Enter the activation code and log in to your ESPN account.

You should get a message that your login was successful. Now you can dive into all of the live content and documentaries that ESPN Plus has to offer, right from your Samsung smart TV.

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